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Shania Twain, Chaka Khan and Stevie Nicks are all among the acts in the frame for the Glastonbury tea time slot

Who will play the Glastonbury 2024 legends slot?

Stevie Nicks press

Stevie Nicks to headline BST Hyde Park 2024

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers dies aged 66

Nirvana: fans of the hidden track

The best bonus tracks for today's extra day!

Caleb Followill talks "fulfilling" new Kings Of Leon album

Caleb Followill is "completely fulfilled" by Kings Of Leon's Can We Please Have Fun album

Oasis band members Liam and Noel Gallagher at a press conference to announce the departure of the band's two founding member Guigsy and Bonehead. August 1999

Where did Oasis get the title Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants from?

John Lennon with a copy of The Beatles White Album inset

John Lennon's copy of The Beatles' White Album sells for £128,000 at auction

U2's War album: released on 28th February 1983

Who was the boy featured on the cover of U2’s early albums?

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