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Morrissey on The Tube, July 1986

What Is The Boy With The Thorn In His Side By The Smiths About?

Stone Roses Perform At Marlay Park In Dublin

No Resurrection: The Stone Roses' John Squire confirms band split in 2017

Liam Gallagher in his As It Was film documentary

"I'm gonna f***ing flamenco it up": Liam Gallagher wants dance lessons for wedding

Female singers from the 1990s

Are These The Most Iconic Female-Fronted Bands Of The 90s?

Muse Perform In Milan

Muse at Birmingham Arena: Support, stage times, setlist and more

The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek dies aged 75

Sir Rod Stewart reveals secret prostate cancer battle

Peaky Blinders stars Harry Kirton, Cillian Murphy, Finn Cole and Paul Anderson

The Peaky Blinders effect prompts record tourist visits to Birmingham

Liam Gallagher and Richard Ashcroft

Does Liam Gallagher feature on any Verve songs?

Nirvana in August 1991: Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain

What does the Nirvana song Smells Like Teen Spirit mean?

Stage diving

QUIZ: How Grunge Are You?

Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis in August 1999

Does Liam Gallagher have to pay royalties to brother Noel when singing Oasis songs?

The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival 2019

Liam Gallagher plays set at The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman

VIDEO: Green Day, Fall Out Boy & Weezer pay tribute to Anchorman and more

Johnny Cash and Trent Reznor

Why did Johnny Cash cover Hurt?

Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher

Liam Gallagher slams brother Noel for "slagging off" young fans

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