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Chris reacts to Pippa's story of Boo the Pomeranian

VIDEO: Chris reacts to Pippa's story about Boo the Pomeranian on Blue Monday

Gerry Cinnamon

VIDEO: Gerry Cinnamon plays new song Dark Days at Amsterdam gig

Blue Monday stock image

Why you shouldn't give a s*** it's Blue Monday...

Glass actor James McAvoy sniffs McCoy crisps in an interview with The Chris Moyles Show's Dominic Byrne

VIDEO: Dom gets James McAvoy to sniff McCoy crisps!

Chris Moyles reacts to Pizza Hut and Leeds United FC's Twitter banter

VIDEO: Moyles reacts to Pizza Hut and Leeds United's savage tweets

Wheel collapses live on The Chris Moyles Show

Watch the moment the winning wheel collapsed LIVE on The Chris Moyles Show

Pippa Taylor plays Flute Fighters on The Chris Moyles and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl

VIDEO: Pippa's Flute Fighters is back

Rock Star Middle Names

QUIZ: Which rock star has THIS as their middle name?

Screenshot of a video shared by Queen guitarist Brian May playing to solo to Bohemian Rhapsody on the set of the Bohemian Rhapsody film

VIDEO: Brian May plays Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo as cast look on

Famous album cover stars

What do these famous cover stars look like now?

Rami Malek and Paul McCartney

VIDEO: Rami Malek has an epic story about Paul McCartney's London gig

The Killers' Land of the Free single artwork

VIDEO: The Killers share Land Of The Free video

Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters' 2016 spoof rockumentary break-up video

VIDEO: Remember Foo Fighters' hilarious spoof breakup video?

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