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Pippa Taylor, Andi Peters and Chris Moyles

WATCH: Pippa ordered 120 eggs and Chris Moyles can't get over it

Marcus Mumford calls into The Chris Moyles Show

WATCH: Marcus Mumford shows Chris Moyles and the team round his home studio

Kris and Dom play Pippa's Keep Your Peckers Up game

WATCH: Chris and Dom play Pippa's Keep Your Peckers Up game!

Pippa's Catchphrase Headlines game is amazing

WATCH: Pippa's Catchphrase Headlines House Game is genius

Chris Moyles gives heartfelt speech for all NHS workers for #clapforourcarers campaign

Chris Moyles delivers a heartfelt thanks to all NHS workers, urges people to join #clapforourcarers

Pippa's One-sided Phone Call game is pretty epic

WATCH: Pippa's One-Sided Phone Call game is an absolute corker

Dominic Byrne, Pippa Taylor and Chris Moyles call find callers for a sing-alone

WATCH: The Chris Moyles Show's singALONE Live is the best

Pippa Taylor and Chris Moyles are in hysterics over Andi Peters' panic buying

WATCH: Andi Peters panic bought a yoga mat and he has no idea why

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