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Chris and Dom in the stunt car

How To Listen To The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show On Radio X

Radio X new app with podcasts

Listen to all your favourite podcasts in the new Radio X IOS app

Glass actor James McAvoy sniffs McCoy crisps in an interview with The Chris Moyles Show's Dominic Byrne

VIDEO: Dom gets James McAvoy to sniff McCoy crisps!

Pippa Taylor plays Flute Fighters on The Chris Moyles and Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl

VIDEO: Pippa's Flute Fighters is back

Wheel collapses live on The Chris Moyles Show

Watch the moment the winning wheel collapsed LIVE on The Chris Moyles Show

Chris Moyles reacts to Pizza Hut and Leeds United FC's Twitter banter

VIDEO: Moyles reacts to Pizza Hut and Leeds United's savage tweets

Chris Moyles and Dominic Byrne change their Twitter names on The Chris Moyles Show

VIDEO: Chris and Dom gave themselves very mature Twitter names

Rick Astley recalls performing with Foo Fighters

How did Rick Astley end up performing with Foo Fighters?

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