VIDEO: Sam Fender reveals new single Will We Talk is about one night stands

6 July 2019, 18:00 | Updated: 6 July 2019, 18:01

Watch the Newcastle singer-songwriter talk to Radio X's Gordon Smart about the meaning of his new single Will We Talk?

Sam Fender has revealed the meaning behind his latest single Will We Talk?

The track, which the Geordie singer-songwriter released earlier this week, is the final cut to come from his forthcoming Hypersonic Missiles album.

Fender is known for his often politically-charged lyrics, but speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart about the inspiration behind the new single, Fender said: "There's no mad meaning. It's just genuinely a song about one night stands."

Asked how many of those he'd had, he joked: "I've never ever ever done that. Are you joking? A girl sleeping with me?"

He continued: "It was just a song I wrote about The Cut - this nightclub in Newcastle. It was around the time when I was 18, going out and there's always a load of heartbreak... Old heartbreak with the one night stands."

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Listen to Will We Talk?

Will We Talk?

Fender also weighed in on the exchange between Noel Gallagher and Lewis Capaldi, which resulted in a lot of banter between the musicians.

Addressing our original interview, in which Gordon Smart asked Gallagher what he thought about new music, Fender noticed he did get a quick mention, saying: “He kind of didn’t slag us off, he kind of did.”

He added: "I saw what he said about Lewis, that was funny, and really funny what Lewis did after that... And then going out on stage and making that… That was quality. That was funny.” 

Watch his full response in our video here:

Talking about the Someone You Loved singer, who he pipped to the post to win the 2018 BRITs Critics' Choice Award, he gushed: "I love Lewis too, man. I’ve got so much time for him like. He’s proper proper funny. He sends us proper daft video messages when he’s drunk.

“I’ve got one with him in the back of a car. It was listening to [my song] Hypersonic Missiles just calling us a Critics' Choice bastard”.

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Watch Lewis Capaldi hit back at Noel Gallagher at Glastonbury festival by wearing a t-shirt of the Oasis rocker:

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