Sam Fender answers his most Googled questions!

10 February 2022, 17:19

How did Sam Fender and friends raise hell at "God Camp"? Who does he sound like - other than Jimmy Nail? And who is Sam's amazing drummer? All of these questions will be answered by the man himself.

It's been a fantastic year for Sam Fender. He's scored his second Number 1 album with the excellent Seventeen Going Under and he's making plans to tour the UK and beyond next year.

So Radio X thought it was time to get the man of the moment into the studio to answer some essential questions.

We gave Sam a list of genuine search queries from Google and asked him to fill us in. You'll find out...

The name of Sam Fender's amazing drummer - and meet the man himself!

  • The history of the Fender family, his extended family and the name of the "Essex Fender".
  • Sam's preferred guitar
  • Whether or not Sam Fender is playing Glastonbury 202@: "Every time I've tried to play Glastonbury, something happens."
  • How Sam and his mate raised hell at "God Camp" when they were 16
  • Is Sam Fender going on tour? "Does a one legged dog swim in a circle?"
  • And the definitive answer to the question "Who influenced Sam Fender musically":"These influence questions always make us laugh. You were listening to Green Day like the rest of us".

Watch and learn! You can also get the inside story on Sam Fender's latest album Seventeen Going Under as the musician talks Radio X's John Kennedy through the record Track By Track here: