Sam Fender teaches us Geordie slang

25 April 2023, 11:00

Sam Fender teaches us Geordie slang | Radio X

The Geordie musician takes us through some of the lingo from his hometown.

Sam Fender is very much one of Britain's biggest new stars. His second studio album, Seventeen Going Under, made it to Number 1 in October 2021, and he was smashing it last year with majestic appearances at Glastonbury and his own massive headline show at London's Finsbury Park.

On the occasion of Sam's birthday (he was born on 25th April 1994), we thought we'd relive the moment that the musician took us back to his roots.

Here's wee Sammy Fender taking us through the highlights of GEORDIE SLANG.

  • If you "divvina" something, what does it mean?
  • If Sam says he's "gannin' yem", should you get another round in?
  • If you were to come across Sam in his "scratcha", should you avert your eyes?
  • Should you disturb a Geordie if they're "in a fettle"?

Let Sam Fender take you through some of the more familiar Geordie expressions - and some terms that he reckons must have come "from the 1800s or something".

And he's ably assisted by his excellent drummer Drew Michael, who chips in with a few salty phrases himself.

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