Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast: Meet the contestants for 2021

20 July 2021, 22:52 | Updated: 11 January 2022, 15:28

Meet the Too Hot to Handle season 2 cast

By Jenny Mensah

The second season of the Netflix dating show is here, but who's taking part this year? Take a look at the 2021 cast and their Instagram handles.

Too Hot To Handle season two is finally here, making fans of the hit show very happy.

The saucy Netflix dating competition with a twist was a huge success when it first aired during the pandemic and now its second instalment promises to be even hotter.

Now series two of the dating show has dropped, who's in the cast of contestants this year? Find out who's in the 2021 lineup and get their names, ages, professions and Instagram handles.

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Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast
Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast. Picture: Netflix

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When is Too Hot To Handle season 2 out?

Netflix will premiere the second season of Too Hot to Handle in two batches with the first four episodes out on 23 June 2021 from 8am and the remaining six episodes out on 30 June from 8am.

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Who's in the cast of Too Hot To Handle season 2?

  • Cam, 24, a model from Wales, UK
  • Carly, 24, a model from Toronto, Canada
  • Chase, 24, a professional footballer from Arizona, USA
  • Emily, 27, a model from London, UK
  • Kayla, 26, from Florida, USA
  • Larissa, 27, a lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand
  • Marvin, 26, a model, influencer businessman and basketball player from Paris, France
  • Melinda, 28, a model from New York, USA
  • Nathan, 27, a former stripper from the UK who lives in Texas, USA
  • Peter, 21, a personal trainer from New York, USA
  • Christina, 30, a model and former pilot from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Robert Van Tromp, 29, an actor from London, UK.
  • Tabitha Maria Clifft, 27, from London, UK
  • Elle Monae, 28 from Washington, USA

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See their profiles below...

Meet the original cast of Too Hot To Handle Season 2:

Too Hot To Handle - Cam, 24, @camholmess

Too Hot To Handle's Cam
Too Hot To Handle's Cam. Picture: Netflix

Cam, a model from Wales, has described himself as "full of surprises" and "not just a pretty face".

Read his full profile here.

Too Hot To Handle - Carly, 24, @carlylawrence_

Too Hot To Handle's Carly
Too Hot To Handle's Carly. Picture: Netflix

The 24 year old model from Toronto, Canada apparently "hates rules" and doesn't like to follow any. This should go well then.

Too Hot To Handle - Chase, 24, @chasedemoor

Too Hot To Handle's Chase
Too Hot To Handle's Chase. Picture: Netflix

24-year-old Chase, a professional footballer from Arizona said: "I gotta bring my A-game, my B-game, every game I got to this one".

Too Hot To Handle - Emily, 27, @emilyfayemiller

Too Hot To Handle's Emily
Too Hot To Handle's Emily. Picture: Netflix

Emily, a 27 year old model from London, believes that she should come with a warning sign.

Read Emily's full profile here.

Too Hot To Handle - Kayla, 26, @kaylajean.official

Too Hot To Handle's Kayla
Too Hot To Handle's Kayla. Picture: Netflix

The 26-year-old beauty from Florida said: "The more guys who are chasing me, the more interesting it gets".

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Too Hot To Handle - Larissa, 27, @Larissa_Trownson

Too Hot To Handle's Larissa
Too Hot To Handle's Larissa. Picture: Netflix

Larissa, a 27 year-old lawyer from News Zealand, describes herself as "the real-life Legally Blonde"

Too Hot To Handle - Marvin, 26, @marvin.anthony_

Too Hot To Handle's Marvin
Too Hot To Handle's Marvin. Picture: Netflix

The 26--year-old model, influencer, businessman and basketball player from Paris said: "I cannot go to a club and come home by myself. Not possible".

Too Hot To Handle - Melinda, 28, @melinda_melrose

Too Hot To Handle's Melinda
Too Hot To Handle's Melinda. Picture: Netflix

The 28-year-old model from New York warned: "You better look out because Mama is on the hunt".

Too Hot To Handle - Nathan, 27, @nathankwebb

Too Hot To Handle's Nathan
Too Hot To Handle's Nathan. Picture: Netflix

The 27-year-old UK born, Texas-based former stripper said: "Have you ever seen Magic Mike? That’s what I do”

Too Hot To Handle - Peter, 21, @petervigilante

Too Hot To Handle's Peter
Too Hot To Handle's Peter. Picture: Netflix

The 21-year-old personal trainer from New York said: "I think people just love seeing a dude with abs hop on a pole and spin".

Meet the new arrivals:

Too Hot To Handle - Christina, 30, @christinacarmelaofficial

Christina has worked as a pilot for the last 12 years, having started in the aviation industry at around 18 years old. However, she now lists her occupation of that of a "fashion model".

Too Hot To Handle - Robert Van Tromp, 29

The 6'3" Brit describes himself as a "British gent with an outrageous laugh."

Too Hot To Handle - Tabitha Maria Clifft, 27, @tabitha.clifft

The brunette beauty also has training in nutrition and is the founder of her own health and lifestyle company Glow By Tabitha.

Too Hot To Handle - Elle Monae, 28,

Elle Monae is a vegan from Washington.

Where is Too Hot To Handle season 2 filmed?

According to Variety, season 2 of the competition was shot in a luxury villa in Turks and Caicos under COVID-19 production safety protocols.

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