Workin' Moms season 4 recap

15 June 2021, 15:39 | Updated: 12 May 2022, 16:13

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By Jenny Mensah

Season 5 of the comedy drama is returning to Netflix, but what happened to series 4 of the sitcom and is Anne really moving away.

Workin' Moms has returned on Netflix for a fifth season and fans are pretty excited.

The irreverent Canadian sitcom - which stars Catherine Reitman (Kate), Jessalyn Wanlim (Jenny), Dani Kind (Anne) and Juno Rinaldi (Frankie) as mothers who struggle to balance their work and home lives, has returned for another helping on the streaming platform.

The show - which began its life on CBC - has had plenty of shocking and and stand-out moments, but can you remember what happened at the end of season four?

Get our season four recap of the hit series and find out what we can expect from season 5 here.

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Workin' Moms season 5 has been released on Netlfix
Workin' Moms season 5 has been released on Netlfix. Picture: YouTube/CBC

What happened at the end of Workin' Moms season 4?

Kate (Catherine Reitman) makes the decision to stay with her husband Nathan (Philip Sternberg) instead of Mike (Victor Website). This ends up being a wise decision as despite appearing charming and suave, Mike ends up being a bitter and immature drunk. Her husband, however, stays supportive throughout.

Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) learns that the women are being paid much less than the men in her company and goes on a crusade to help redress the balance with a #MeTime campaign. However, she's finally introduced to the big boss, Malcolm Cody Patrick (Alex Mallari Jr), who offers her a considerable raise and she backs down. Malcom also turns out to be the dad she sees regularly at the park who she trades insults with while watching their kids play. Jenny's promotion doesn't go down well with her co-workers and she's criticised for sacrificing them for her own benefit. However, she gets Malcolm to agree to launch a daycare facility in the office. When the pair meet at their usual spot in the park, they end up kissing, throwing her marriage to Ian (Dennis Andres) further into doubt.

The end of season 3 saw Frankie (Juno Rinaldi) and Bianca (Tennille Read) become close as Frankie asked a pregnant Bianca to move in with her. Season 4 sees Frankie find Bianca's sperm donor, who she realises is a con-artist. Once Bianca realised the truth about him, she tells Bianca that she's the only father her baby needs and asks her to be another mother to her child.

Anne (Dani Kind) is dealing still dealing with the fallout of her troublesome 13-year-old daughter Alice, who she manages to work with rather than against. She changes the theme of her book on raising adolescents to focus on her running her own train. However, she soon finds out Alice is being bullied at school due to slut shaming and she begins to consider whether her daughter deserves a fresh start. Anne's husband Lionel (Ryan Bellville) who had spent the season being a stay at home father announced that he found a job in Calgary. Anne tells Kate she will have to move and the two best friends share what looks set to be a heartbreaking farewell at the end of the season.

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Catherine Reitman and Dani Kind star as Kate and Anne in Workin' Moms
Catherine Reitman and Dani Kind star as Kate and Anne in Workin' Moms. Picture: Netflix

When is Workin' Moms season 5 released on Netflix?

Workin' Moms Season 5 drops on Netflix from 15 June 2021.

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Is Anne really moving away in Workin' Moms season 5?

The first episode of Workin' Moms is entitled The Carlsons Move To Calgary, which suggests that Anne does make a move for her daughter Alice.

Workin' Moms seasons 1 - 5 is available to watch on Netflix

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