Love Island All Stars cast: See the 2024 line-up and what season they're from

15 January 2024, 09:00 | Updated: 16 January 2024, 11:25

The Love Island All Stars cast has been revealed
The Love Island All Stars cast has been revealed. Picture: ITV

By Jenny Mensah

A special All Stars season of the ITV dating show is launching this month. Find out who's returning to the villa and what to expect.

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After plenty of teasing, it's been confirmed that a special All Star season of Love Island is set to hit our TV screens this month.

The reality TV dating show - which sees young hopefuls find love in a sun-soaked villa - is returning for a special winter version with some of its best cast from across the years.

Love Island All Stars will see a bevvy of now-celeb hopefuls re-enter the villa in the hopes of finding romance or settling old scores.

So who will be in Love Island All Stars? Find out who you can expect from the 2024 line-up, what season they were from and what they are looking to find on the show.

When does Love Island All Stars start?

  • Love Island All Stars starts on Monday 15th January on ITV1, ITV2, ITVX & STV at 9pm.

Who's in the Love Island All Stars line-up for 2024?


Get a breakdown of the Love Island All Stars cast below, including their Instagram handles and reasons for returning to the Love Island villa.

Meet the Love Island all stars

Georgia Harrison (29) - Series 3, Instagram: @georgialouiseharrison

Georgia was on series three of Love Island as a bombshell. Since she was last in the villa, Georgia has become an influencer and a campaigner, aiming to tackle violence against women and girls and specifically revenge porn after her ex Stephen Bear filmed them havibg sex and posted it online.

She said of her return: "As much as this year’s been amazing, it’s been heavy at times and pretty serious with all of my campaigning work.

"This is the last year of my 20s so I want to go in the villa and have some fun and hopefully meet someone that I can fall in love with.

"I’m lucky in the sense that I’ve got everything in my life that I could possibly wish for, apart from love."

Chris Taylor (33) - Series 5, Instagram: @christophertaylorofficial

Chris Taylor, who featured on series five, entered the villa as a bombshell in 2019. He was unlucky in love in the villa, but went on to briefly date fellow Islander Maura Higgins outside of the show.

He's gone on to become an influencer, work as a TV personality and even nabbed a role as a Ken in the 2023 blockbuster Barbie.

"I am going to try very hard to not get pied as many times as I did last time. I managed to get pied six times in 15 days, which has got to be a world record," he said about re-entering the villa.

"I am going to make better decisions which will probably end up transitioning into worse decisions."

Kaz Kamwi - (29) - Series 7, Instagram: @kazkamwi

Kaz originally made it to fourth place in series seven with her now ex-boyfriend Tyler Cruickshank in 2021.

Influencer Kaz said of her decision to return to Love Island: "To be totally honest, I actually really want to find love. I had a great time last series but I want to have an even better time."

Asked how she'd feel about bumping into an ex in the villa, she said: "The thing is, I’m a bad b**** so I will handle it with as much grace as I can."

Toby Aromolaran (24) - Series 7, Instagram: @tobyaromolaran

Toby came from series seven and was known for his wayward antics after his initial coupling with Kaz Kamwi. After settling down he eventually and found a girlfriend in co-star Chloe Burrows. The pair finished second and split over a year later, leaving Toby once again single and ready to mingle.

Aromolaran, 24, said: “I don’t know how (Chloe) would take it. We will always have love for each other and I think she would wish me the best of luck, as I would certainly do the same.

"I'm single and Love Island worked for me the first time. I had a good relationship and fell in love."If I'm single and Love Island is an opportunity for me, how could you turn down the chance to find love again?!"

Georgia Steel (25) - Series 4, Instagram: @geesteelx

Known for her catchphrase "I'm loyal," Georgia featured in Love Island season 4. She was known for her post-Casa Amor moment when she was left single after Josh Denzel coupled up with Kaz Crossley. She eventually coupled up with Sam Bird and the pair dated after the show.

She says: "I feel like going in this time it’ll be nice because we have all gone through similar experiences"I think that’ll create an instant connection.

"I'm 25, I have a house, a cat, a nice car - I have everything in life but a boyfriend, so why not give it as go."

Anton Danyluk (29) - Series 5, Instagram: @anton_danyluk

Gym owner Anton had a rough start to series five, after being pied multiple times, but he eventually settled with Belle Hassan, who he finished in fifth place on the show with.

Anton is best known for two things during his appearance; bum shaving and crying over Craig David's appearance at their special night.

"There are two that stand out for me," Danyluk said when asked about the stand-out moments from his time on the show.

"If I get seen out, people always ask me ‘does your mum still shave your bum?’ That just doesn’t go away!

Hannah Elizabeth (33) - Series 1, Instagram: @hannahelizinsta

The Love Island OG got engaged on her stint of the show with Jon Clark just before finishing in second place after series one winners Jess Hayes and Max Morley.

The 33 year old said: I’m returning to the Love Island Villa because I did it eight years ago and what an opportunity I never thought I’d get again.

"I’m not very good at finding love but I had a ball the first time, so I’m going to have a ball again."

As to whether she'd get engaged on national TV again? "Absolutely not, not in the Villa no," she said."Maybe when I get out, but I’d need to give it a bit of time. It was almost ten years ago and I was in that proper whirlwind kind of love, now that I’m that bit older I try to take things a little slower."

Jake Cornish (26) - Series 7, Instagram: @jakecornish7

Jake Cornish was known for his romance with series favourite Liberty, which eventually ended in her departing the show prematurely after their housemates in the villa became sceptical of his feelings towards her.

"There is nothing major I would do differently but I have definitely matured in the two years since first being on the show," said the former Water Engineer.

On how he's changed, Jake added: "I look at things differently and respond differently. When it comes to people's opinions, I don’t sit on the fence anymore."

Jake set to enter Love Island again

Liberty Poole (24) - Series 7, Instagram: @libertypoolex

Series seven darling Liberty was known for her ill-fated relationship with Jake Cornish and her friendship with Kaz Kamwi. The pair have remained close ever since and even. have a podcast together, so it's likely they will support each other again this time around.

When asked about running into Cornish, she said: "It’s always going to be awkward isn’t it, it’s always going to be weird seeing someone that you’ve been with getting with someone else."

She added: "I wish my exes nothing but the best.

"I'm going to be focused on my own journey so if it was to happen I won’t be worrying about them - so I'll stay focussed on my goal, which is to find love."

Demi Jones (25) - Series 6, Instagram: @demijones1

Series six beauty Demi starred in the first winter series of the show. She was initially coupled up with Nas Majeed but became a victim of Casa Amor after he returned with Eva Zapico, who is still his partner.

"I will go in there with a little more determination," she said."Last time I was a little too naive and a little too nice. I’m still going to be my nice and bubbly self, but if I want something I will go after it, because I deserve it as much as the next person."

Luis Morrison (29) - Series 1, Instagram: @luismorrison39

Luis Morrison starred in season one of the show and is back and ended up placing third in the series when he reunited with his ex-girlfriend Cally Jane Beech (who he is no longer with but shares a child with).

The former professional footballer is now 29 and ready for another crack at finding love.

"It was the best experience of my life," he said of his time on Love Island.

"I found love in the Villa before and who knows if I can find love in there again?"I’m a lot older and wiser, so I know what I am getting myself into. I don’t have a game plan at all - I am an open book so I will go with the flow and see what happens."

Mitchel Taylor (27) - Series 10, Instagram: @mitcheltaylor_

Mitch Taylor became famous for his Messy Mitch moniker, after stirring things up in season 10.

The Gas Engineer went all-in for Molly Marsh at first, who ended up with Zachariah Noble, so this time he wants to take things slowly.

"I think I went in with my heart on my sleeve the first time and got hurt and this time I am just going in to enjoy myself and if a connection happens, a connection happens," the 27 year old said.

"Honestly when I went in for series ten, you saw me and Molly, I went for Molly, I wanted her."And with this one, I am not going to make myself that vulnerable. I am going to play the game."

Messy Mitch set for return to the villa

Callum Jones, (27) - Series 6, Instagram: @_callum_jones

Molly Smith, (29) - Series 6, Instagram: @mollysmith19*

Where does Love Island All Stars take place?

Love Island All Stars will be filmed in South Africa.

Will there be bombshells in Love Island All Stars?

  • There's likely to be bombshells for Love Island All Stars, with past contestants still rumoured to enter the villa, but according to the Daily Mirror, there won't be a much-loved Casa Amor segment.


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