Adult Swim: 15 best TikTok videos of the viral trend

16 June 2021, 14:20

The best Adult Swim TikTok videos
The best Adult Swim TikTok videos. Picture: 1. TikTok/TomKroker 2. TikTok/jayfitzman 3.TikTok/jooystin

By Jenny Mensah

The creative videos, which pay homage to Adult Swim's original bumpers just keep on coming. See some of the best of the trend on TikTok here.

If you're a fan of TikTok, then there's no doubt you've seen the term [AS] or littered throughout the platform.

The trend, which sees users pay homage to Adult Swim bumpers by creating their own has taken social media by storm and even had the Cartoon Network programming block praise creators and urge them to "keep it going".

Well, it seems they've taken that to heart and the hashtag still seems to be going strong.

Get our roundup of some of the best Adult Swim bumpers we've seen on TikTok so far.

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  1. Cashews... and puns

    Kevboyperry didn't just find a creative way to represent the [AS] logo, he also added a clever pun in there too. Chashew tomorrow too, dude.

  2. Cardboard and animation

    This clever animation features a ton of cardboard and a nod to that botched painting restoration of Ecce Homo that went viral. What's better than paying homage to one internet memes? Paying homage to two.

  3. Going permanent... because yolo.

    Trends might be temporary by their very definition, but that didn't stop bebejohnson from going permanent. The user wanted to make a statement about only living once... so she tattooed [AS] on herself. Can't fault her for her practicing what she preaches.

    Unbelievably, she's not the only TikTok user who's sacrificed their skin for the trend.

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  4. Going permanent by accident

    Unfortunately for Sarah, she wasn't really intending to go for the permanent thing, but her bumper "fail" makes for a pretty good addition to the trend.

  5. Taking precautions

    Ella shared a wry message about taking the contraceptive pill, warning her followers: "Don't forget to take birth control, otherwise you'll be stuck watching cartoon network instead".

  6. Desktop discovery

    Many users are still scrambling to try and understand the meaning behind the trend, which is what griggen played on when he came up with his simple yet clever desktop homage.

    Never has a messy desktop looked so clean! Now just excuse us as we go and try that with ours...

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  7. Tidying up

    This skateboarding fan used the trend as a way to show the contentment that order can bring.

  8. Pushing the button... literally

    It's not just a lovely bit of kit to look at, but it comes with some interesting advice too.

    Jay Fitz says: "If you don't know what a button does.

    "Press it and find out.

    "What's the worst that could happen?"

    Probably not one suitable for world leaders, but on the whole we dig the message.

  9. Wheres [AS]?

    This guy has gone one further and hidden the logo somewhere in his video. Very Where's Wally of him.

    We have to admit... we still haven't found it. Have you?

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  10. Finding persepective

    This impressive art piece sees franticframes do create the logo using little else except cut up black paper and a healthy dose of perspective.

  11. Clever clutter

    It's another use of perspective, but it's so cleverly done, we think it's worth a mention.

  12. Geeking out

    How do you make the [AS] trend even geekier? Why, by creating your homage in a computer game of course.

    There's plenty of them littered about on the platform, but this one created in minecraft is very pleasing.

  13. A horrific tribute

    hacker.bob's humorous tribute to the horror genre sees him haunted by the [AS] symbol wherever he goes. Sort of like real life...

  14. Making nostalgia even more nostalgic

    This printing press is 170 years old, but there's absolutely no reason why they couldn't get on board with the trend. And there's something very satisfying about the letters AS in that old font.

  15. Bass bumping

    What better way to round these off than with a user attempting to cover the bass part of the music used in the trend itself.

    Bravo mynameisnotdrew!

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