Morrissey: “I am most certainly not Far-Right”

12 January 2023, 16:31

Morrissey in 2017
Morrissey has shared a post on his website. Picture: AP/Shutterstock

By Jenny Mensah

The former Smiths frontman has railed against criticism after revealing Miley Cyrus wants to be removed from his I Am Veronica song.

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Morrissey has shared a post in which he declared he is "not far right."

The former Smiths frontman has faced criticism in recent years for seemingly endorsing far right group For Britain and wearing their badge during a performance on Jimmy Fallon back in 2019.

However, the Manchester musician has started off the year by reacting to the claims that Miley Cyrus wants to be removed from his I Am Veronica single.

Taking to, he wrote: "I am aware that the ludicrous 'Morrissey is Far Right' attributions have very recently wiggled back into minor vogue on all of the usual gossip sites.

"This rush is, I am assured, in view of Miley Cyrus wanting to be removed from 'I Am Veronica', and suddenly the very dated rehash of "This is because of Morrissey's political views" wobbles out - delighting those for whom I am a book that under no circumstances can they stop reading."

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Morrissey also discussed cancel culture and revealed that he'd hoped that it at least meant he would stay out of the press entirely and never receive any bad reviews.

He went on: "I had secretly hoped that the glorious benefit of being cancelled would be that I could never again receive a bad review, because even to give me yet another oh-so-predictable bad review confirms that I am not, after all, cancelled. But the Cancel Vultures write only in headlines; they do not answer questions; their darts aim only for the inspired elite of perceptive intelligence."

The Hand In Glove singer also claimed that his "political views" were used as a scapegoat for Miley and said the American singer-songwriter distanced herself from the project for reasons unrelated to him.

The 63-year-old artist said: "I have been invited onto U.S. and U.K television news outlets to discuss the situation with Miley and 'Bonfire of teenagers', but of course, there's no point. In truth, Miley has backed off for reasons unconnected to me, having had a major clash with a key figure in 'the circle'. I cannot give any details about the private fight because … it is private, after all."

Despite his rant, Morrissey did praise the singer, adding: "Miley knew everything about me when she arrived to sing 'I Am Veronica' almost two years ago; she walked into the studio already singing the song. She volunteered. I did not ask her to get involved.

"Her professionalism was astounding, her vocals a joy to behold. Every minute that I spent with Miley was loving and funny. She asked if she could be in the 'Veronica' video. I was very honored. She told me that Morrissey songs are on 24-hour rotation in her house, and she had frequently been photographed in Morrissey t-shirts. Miley came into my world; I did not venture towards hers. I was eternally thankful, and even now, I remain so."

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In his lengthy post, Morrissey went on to assert that the "campaign" to destroy his career was started by four British males, who he doesn't name, but who he says have prominent positions on social media and the "Legacy Media," but all wanted a close relationship with him.

He continued: "Although the Left changed and deserted me many years ago, I am most certainly not Far Right, and I have not ever met anyone who claims to be Far Right. My politics are straightforward: I recognize realities. Some realities horrify me, and some do not, but I accept that I was not created so that others might gratify me and delight me with all that they think and do - what a turgid life that would be."

The Smiths man added: "I write these words mainly for (but not directly about) my audience - who are the best and most incredible audience that anyone could dream of, and perhaps many onlookers are jealous of this fact. I have not ever voted for a political party in my life, and I have not ever joined a political party, and I have not ever attended a political rally. On the political stage, I do not exist: you have never seen me there and you never shall.

"I therefore do not mind in the least if you join the Morrissey haters - there is always the likelihood that I'd feel exactly the same way about you. But if you join forces with the Cancel Vultures, your only aim is to numb time, and your eyes are dead."

Read his full post here.

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