Love Island 2021: Danny Bibby's age, job, Instagram tats and more

16 July 2021, 21:00

Love Island 2021 bombshell Dannt Bibby
Love Island 2021 bombshell Danny Bibby. Picture: ITV

By Jenny Mensah

Another bombshell has hit the Love Island villa and he's set for a date with Kaz. Find out everything we know Danny Bibby so far here.

Another day, another Love Island 2021 bombshell! Last night we had AJ bowl over the boys and this time the ladies have been gifted with a man in the form of Danny Bibby.

Find out what we know so far about the bombshell including his age, occupation, where she's from and his Instagram.

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Who is Love Island's Danny Bibby?

Danny Bibby is a plumber and clothing brand owner from Wigan.

How old is Love Island's Danny Bibby?

Danny is 25-years-old.

What is Danny Dibby's Instagram?

You can find Danny on Instagram at @dannybibby_, where he posts plenty of selfies, showing off his tattoos, nights out and his holidays.

Who does Danny like in the villa?

Danny might be going on a date with Kaz, but he's a big fan of Lucinda.

He revealed: "Lucinda is my type - nice eyes and tanned. Sharon is nice. I like Kaz’s vibe. Kaz is bubbly like me so I think we’d get on like a house on fire. I think me and Kaz will vibe."

He also says his celeb crush is Megan Fox.

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Why did Danny go into the Love Island villa?

Like many of us, the pandemic gave him time to reflect. "My mindset has changed in the last year," he said. "Lockdown has really made me reevaluate my life and it’s done me good."

Asked whether he's looking for a relationship or a bit of fun, he replied: "Bit of both, really. You never know what’s around the corner. Hopefully someone can sweep me off my feet."

How does he describe himself?

Danny thinks he brings "wittiness" to the table and describes himself as "just a good laugh".

He added: "The guys need an alpha male and I feel like that’s me. The girls have Faye who says it how it is but the lads are all like little sheep. There is no way I would have sat back and let Hugo cry".

He says his celeb crush is Megan Fox and his secret weapon is his pet cat.

"I’ve got my own little cat," he revealed. "He definitely helps me with the ladies. He’s called Ruffin. The cat always jumps on the bed and gets a little look!"

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The boys graft AJ, Lucinda looks forward, and Kaz gets a date in Love Island first look

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.


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