Love Island's AJ Bunker: Age, job, instagram and more

15 July 2021, 12:17

'Eyes on the prize, boys' - AJ makes show-stopping entrance into Love Island villa

By Jenny Mensah

New bombshell AJ has entered the Love Island villa this week, find out her age, full name and Instagram handle in her bio.

AJ Bunker is the latest bombshell to set foot in the Love Island villa and it doesn't look like she's going to hold back.

After the shock dumping of Brad from the island, the contestants played a game, which pit the boys against the girls to determine whether a male or female bombshell would be next to enter.

The lads won on this occasion, meaning they were greeted with the AJ that night, but who is Andrea-Jane Bunker and who has she got her eyes set on in the villa?

Find out what we know so far about the bombshell including her age, occupation, where she's from and her Instagram.

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AJ Bunker is the latest bombsell in the Love Island 2021 villa
AJ Bunker is the latest bombsell in the Love Island 2021 villa. Picture: ITV

Who is AJ from Love Island?

Andrea-Jane Bunker is a hair extension technician from Hertfordshire.

How old is Love Island's AJ?

Andrea-Jane is 28 years old.

What is AJ's Instagram?

You can find AJ at @andreajanebunker on Instagram, where she likes to show off her nights out and her travel adventures.

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How does she describe herself?

AJ said: "I think I’m going to bring a bit of spice, I definitely am fiery. The girls need to know their worth and what standards they should be setting. I’m just going to go in there and be like, ‘Girls, you’re beautiful, you’re smart, know your worth!’ Self love is massive for me. Girl power! In terms of the guys, I want to teach them the right way because I’ve been messed about by guys so much. They need to be taught some lessons. And in the meantime, hopefully I find a nice guy as well."

She also describes her celeb crushes as an alpha male with a gentle side such as Jason Mamoa, Tom Hardy and Anthony Joshua.

Who does AJ like in the villa?

AJ appears to have her eye on recent arrival and fellow bombshell Teddy, who is currently coupled up with Faye. She also says there's "something about" Hugo and Aaron. However, she says Toby is not on her list for being a self-confessed commitment phobe

"There is something about Teddy," explained AJ. "He’s a bit of me. In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we’d get on really well. Hugo and Aaron, there is something about them so I want to get to know them a bit more."

Asked whether she'd step on Faye's toes, she replied: "’m a respectful person in terms of morals. I’ll definitely approach her and have a conversation beforehand. But I wouldn’t hold back. I feel like we all have a right to get to know the guys in there. I’ll definitely have a word with her first and would keep her updated on where everything is at really. I’m open and honest and I think that’s all you can really do.

When it comes to the girls, AJ thinks she'll get on with Kaz and Liberty and might clash with Faye. She spilled: "I think Lib and Kaz are my type of girls. I’m very energetic and love having a good time. I feel like I’d really gel with those girls. It’s funny that Faye and Teddy are paired up because I think me and Faye are the ones who wouldn’t get on the most."

Why did AJ go into the Love Island villa?

AJ hasn't had much luck with love and reckons she's got nothing to lose by going into the villa.

"First of all, I’ve had the worst luck with men," she explained. "I feel like this is the one thing I haven’t tried. I thought why not? Let’s give it a go."

When it comes to what she looks for in a man, it comes down to an adventurous nature, a good sense of humour and good morals.

She explained: "I’m a big adventure and travel lover. A guy who is adventurous and spontaneous is an instant turn on for me because my ideal guy will be someone I can go on adventures with and make memories with. Also, a great sense of humour. A guy who has the right morals. A guy who knows how to respect a woman and knows how to communicate."

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How long does Love Island last and when is the final?

The last two summer series of Love Island had 49 episodes each, so the seventh series is predicted to end on Monday 23 August 2021.

Is Love Island on every night?

Love Island usually takes place from Monday-Friday from 9pm, with Love Island: Unseen Bits at 10pm taking place on Saturdays, when the cast are said to have a break from filming. Aftersun takes place on Sundays, which will be mainly hosted by Laura Whitmore, along with the rest of the show this year.

How long does Love Island last and when is the final?

The last two summer series of Love Island had 49 episodes each, so the seventh series is predicted to end on Monday 23 August 2021.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.


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