WATCH: Mark Hoppus discusses if Tom DeLonge would ever rejoin Blink 182

14 November 2019, 20:15

Blink 182 discuss NINE & Tom DeLonge | FULL INTERVIEW | Radio x

The Blink 182 rocker was quizzed on his relationship with his former bandmate and if he thinks he'd ever reunite with the band.

Mark Hoppus has talked about the chances of Tom DeLonge rejoining Blink 182.

The pair founded the band back in 1992 with drummer Scott Raynor (who was soon replaced by classic member Travis Barker), but Tom DeLonge officially announced his departure in 2015.

DeLonge was replaced by Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, who with Hoppus and Barker went on to release the band's seventh studio album, California, in 2016 and their current album, NINE, this year.

Blink 182 Pose For A Portrait In 1997
Blink 182 Pose For A Portrait In 1997. Picture: Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

But, asked by Radio X's Polly James if the bromance between them is alive and well, Hoppus revealed: "I talked to him not too long ago, a couple of months [ago] right before we left to go out on this [Enema of the State anniversary] tour, actually."

He added: "He's good. Very Happy. He seems like he's in a good place."

Quizzed if we would ever see DeLonge back in the band's line-up again, the Dammit singer replied: "I don't know. Never say never.

"I don't know. We haven't even talked about it. Like I said, he's very happy with what he's doing and we're very happy with what we're doing and we'll see what the future holds."

Watch our video above from 2:23 to see Mark Hoppus discuss Tom DeLonge.

When Polly asked if DeLonge is likely to be in trouble with the US Navy , Hoppus joked: "Yeah, he is definitely going to get arrested for something. He's going to have possession of some file he's not supposed to have or he's going to leak some document he's not supposed to leak.

"But no, he's really happy. He seems really stoked with his - it's not UFO investigations I guess it's extraordinary kind of stuff".

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Watch Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba talk about their NINE album:

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Meanwhile, Tom DeLonge also shared an unbelievable story which saw him walk by two Blink 182 fans unrecognised in London.

"The last time that Blink was on tour here, we played two nights at the O2," he told Radio X. "And so we played the first night and the morning of the second show we went to the V&A museum because my wife wanted to see an exhibit going on there."

The Dammit singer added: "We walked into the museum and there was a guy wearing a shirt from the night before. He was wearing a Blink 182 shirt that we had just sold the night before and he's kinda sitting on a bench, and I walk up to him and say 'hey that's a cool shirt' and he kind of looks down and goes, 'oh, yeah, Blink 182."

He continued: "His mum goes 'he was at the show last night,' and I go 'yeah me too' and they go, 'oh, ok".

If that wasn't unfortunate enough, Hoppus went on to tell the story of how walked past a female fan on his way out of the famous museum while wearing a Blink shirt who didn't respond to him either!"

Maybe it's a London thing eh?

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Listen to Blink 182's NINE album here:

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