Tom DeLonge hints he's re-joined Blink 182

1 August 2022, 14:45 | Updated: 11 October 2022, 12:25

Tom DeLonge with Blink 182 in 2011 inset
Tom DeLonge has sparked rumours that he's back in Blink 182 . Picture: 1. Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images 2. Estevan Oriol/Getty Images

The pop-punk rocker has set tongues wagging that he may have reformed with the All The Small Things band.

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Tom DeLonge has hinted he may have returned to Blink-182.

The pop punk rocker officially left the band in 2015, but there have been hopes for his return ever since.

Now, it seems the Blink's co-founder has left the biggest sign he's patched things up with Mark Hoppus and Travis Baker yet.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the 46-year-old rocker had changed his bio on Instagram to include Blink 182 as well as Angels & Airways when it comes to his musical projects.

Box Car Racer - DeLonge's previous side project with Blink drummer Barker - was notably missing from the list, which implies that he's only chosen to list his active projects.

Tom DeLonge updated his bio on Instagram to include Blink 182
Tom DeLonge updated his bio on Instagram to include Blink 182. Picture: Instagram/tomdelonge

If that wasn't enough to tease his fans, DeLonge also shared a throwback image of the What's My Age Again? band, while simply adding "@blink182" in the caption.

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The news comes after replacement bandmate Matt Skiba admitted he was unsure if he was still in the band.

The 46-year-old Alkaline Trio frontman started touring with the pop-punk veterans after DeLonge's departure and went on to release the albums California (2016) and Nine (2019) with them.

However, when Skiba posted a selfie on his Instagram, one of his followers wrote in the comments “no Blink content” while adding “the Blink guys don’t post pictures with Matt”.

Responding to whether or not he's still in the trio at all, the Help Me singer replied: “Your guess is as good as mine.

“Regardless, I am very proud of and thankful for my time with Blink 182. We shall see…”

Matt Skiba responds to fans questioning about Blink 182
Matt Skiba responds to fans questioning about Blink 182. Picture: Instagram/matttskiba

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Despite Tom DeLonge seeming resolute when he left the band, in recent years he's been more open to a reunion and Mark Hoppus' cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2021 appeared to provide the catalyst for their relationship healing.

Both Barker and DeLonge shared messages of support for the All The Small Things rocker, which suggested the hatchet had well and truly been buried between them all.

Then, talking about how he mended his relationship with Hoppus, DeLonge told Apple Music that he initially made contact with him over divorce papers.

"The way the universe works is strange because I reached out to Mark because I needed him to sign this piece of paper that had to do with my divorce," he began.

"Only because of that call did I learn he had cancer. And he told me on the phone. I was like, 'Wait, what?' And we weren’t really talking much at all, maybe once every couple of months, a little text here and there.

"But now, we talk multiple times a day. So it’s like we’ve been able to completely repair that friendship and really cut to the depth of who we are as people and what this is all about."

The band are yet to confirm or deny the rumours, but this latest development seems to suggest that we are closer to a Blink 182 reunion than ever before.

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