Chris Moyles on smuggling biscuits into camp on I'm A Celebrity!

25 November 2022, 09:26 | Updated: 25 November 2022, 10:50

Chris Moyles on smuggling biscuits into camp

The Radio X spills the jungle secrets, including how he's lost a stone and a half after his 20 days on the ITV reality show.

Chris Moyles was the sixth celebrity to leave I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! last night (24th November) and he called into Radio X this morning to spill the beans on his experience and share some of the secrets... including how he managed to smuggled some biscuits into camp!

"Everybody in camp has become some kind of Jason Bourne kleptomaniac," Chris told Toby Tarrant on Radio X. "When you go to do a trial or a challenge, you have to leave camp, so we all made it a mission to steal whatever we possibly could and try and get it back to the camp."

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Moyles admitted that the campmates managed to steal chalk, a pen and even a set of Health & Safety guidelines. But it was during the Bushtucker Trial "Savage Sorting Office" that Chris seized an opportunity.

"I managed to steal two and a half biscuits. You know the ones that you get in hotels, where there's two in one wrapper? I managed to get through that entire trial with the crane with two biscuits in my left pocket."

Chris Moyles was the first to arrive on the show and the sixth celebrity to leave
Chris Moyles was the first to arrive on the show and the sixth celebrity to leave. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock

"Then I got back to camp, managed to find a rice bag that was empty, put the biscuits in and break them all in half and hide them in the toilet. Then I had to try and subliminally tell everybody they needed to go to the toilet because I'd 'cleaned the seat'!

"Three campmates managed to eat half a biscuit before one of the 72 cameras they have there worked out what I was doing and the biscuits disappeared."

Chris Moyles becomes sixth celeb to leave the jungle

Chris was the sixth member to leave the Australian jungle, following broadcaster Charlene White, TV presenter Scarlette Douglas, actress Sue Cleaver, musician Boy George and comedian Babatunde Aleshe.

The radio legend chalked up 20 days in camp and admitted he'd lost some weight.

"I got weighed right at the beginning in isolation and it's the first thing you do when you come out, so yes, I lost weight! I've lost a stone and a half!"

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Chris admitted that he was ready to leave the show. "I'm delighted to have got through it, delighted to be out, but it's really weird. I haven't slept in a real bed in three weeks, I haven't seen anyone that's not in camouflage clothing. I haven't been on a street, or used a knife and fork. It's such a weird, crazy experience."

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV1 at 9.15pm tonight (25th November)

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