Bonehead reveals Liam Gallagher’s love for Christmas

25 December 2023, 14:10 | Updated: 25 December 2023, 14:22

Bonehead reveals Liam Gallagher’s love for Christmas

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis guitarist discussed his lifelong friend and bandmate’s love for for the festive period.

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Liam Gallagher loves Christmas, according to Bonehead.

The Oasis co-founder and former guitarist is close friends with the Gallagher and still plays with him on stage during his solo dates and has remarked on how excited he gets about the festive season.

The guitarist - whose real name is Paul Arthurs took part in a very special show, Bonehead's Christmas Day today (25th December) and although he’s said he doesn't seem that into Christmas himself, the Rock ’N’ Roll Star singer couldn't be any more different.

“Liam loves it,” he revealed. to Toby Tarrant, who was co-hosting the special Christmas Day show “He’ll have his decorations up in July, he’s one of them.”

He went on: “You look at his fireplace. He can’t wait to Instagram his fireplace, cause he’s gonna have his Beatles statue with Santa hats and glitter and he’s got a dog now, so guaranteed his dog’s gonna have flashing lights on his collar and he’s gonna be bouncing around his garden pretending he’s a reindeer.

"Liam will be that guy in the red and white suit. He loves it and he doesn’t try and hide the fact that he loves it. He actually loves it."

Asked why he doesn’t show his love for the season as much, he mused: “It’s probably a throwback from being in an Oasis. You know. It’s like ‘Do you like Blur?’

"‘Pfft Blur. Yeah I hate them. Rubbish!’ But deep down I think we all admired Blur. We liked Blur, but it’s not cool to say it. Ho. Ho. Ho.”

Bonehead has discussed Liam Gallagher's love of Christmas
Bonehead has discussed Liam Gallagher's love of Christmas. Picture: Radio X/Getty

Bonehead also gushed about becoming a grandfather for the first time and shared that it would be the first Christmas with the bundle of joy.

"It’s amazing," he gushed. "My daughter had a baby boy, Cillian, in mid November and he’s gorgeous. So, yeah, first Christmas as a grandad with a grandchild. It’s amazing. It’s like being a dad again almost. Wow. That feeling."

Asked if he's looking forward to the tot getting older and being able to celebrate Christmas more, he added: "‘I can’t wait. I cannot wait. I’m a sucker for kids toys as well. I’ll be that grandad that’s like ‘Get off, get off. Mine! I’ll show you how it’s done’.”

The special show also saw the guitarist talk about appearing on Liam's Definitely Maybe tour dates next and teased that he's heard the rocker's upcoming project with The Stone Roses' legendary guitarist John Squire.

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