Noel Gallagher on Lewis Capaldi: "F***ing Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes"

11 July 2019, 12:51 | Updated: 11 July 2019, 12:58

The former Oasis rocker has hit out at the Someone You Loved singer and responded to his Glastonbury appearance which saw him settle their beef.

Noel Gallagher has hit out at Lewis Capaldi and referred to him as "Chewbacca".

The former Oasis rocker took part in an interview with Variety, where he discussed everything from his brother Liam to his banter with the Scottish singer-songwriter.

Asked about Capaldi's hilarious response to his criticism at Glastonbury Festival last month, the Black Star Dancing singer said: "Fucking Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes. The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot. It’s the greatest day of his fucking life so far. He’s just thinking, 'Wow!'

"Well, I know you’re Scottish and all that, but fucking hell! It is like a third world country, but for fuck‘s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely!"

Noel also reacted to the fact his daughter Anaïs declared on Twitter: "I want to be Lewis Capaldi when I grow up.".

The Ballad of the Mighty I singer quipped: "When she grows up? Well, she better be better looking than that cunt! Let’s hope she doesn’t have his looks. Or his girth. I’m not going to allow that. She’s gonna have a bad day soon if she wants to be Lewis Capaldi when she grows up."

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Noel Gallagher and Lewis Capaldi
Noel Gallagher and Lewis Capaldi. Picture: PAUL BERGEN/AFP/Getty Images & Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Noel is referring to the banter between himself and the 22-year-old singer which was sparked by his Radio X interview in which he called the Someone You Loved singer: "fucking wank".

After Capaldi shared a hilarious series of Instagram Stories, which saw him react to the interview, Gallagher hit back by calling him a "daftie" and sharing his own video of his son mocking the Scot's number one hit.

Some may have called that 2:1 to Noel until the Tough singer introduced his set on the Other Stage at Glastonbury with the clip of Noel's comments.

If that wasn't brave enough, much to the crowd's delight, he appeared wearing a parka and bucket hat, which he whipped off to reveal he was dressed in a t-shirt which saw Noel Gallagher's face inside a heart.

Watch our video of the moment here:

Watch our original interview with Noel, backstage at Heaton Park with Matt Morgan and Radio X's Gordon Smart:

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Noel was asked in the same interview if he denied his brother Liam the use of his penned Oasis tracks for his As It Was documentary.

"Oh, I turned it down, yeah," he told the outlet. "If some fucking moron is going to make a film slagging me off, calling my wife a cunt, after trolling my kids on the Internet, after being a filthy little misogynist sexist prick who cannot keep his fucking mouth off Twitter, and then call me to ask me a favour, I’m like, ‘Wow. You are as dumb as you fucking look'".

The Black Star Dancing singer added: “I don’t give a fuck what music you have in your film; you’re not putting any of mine in. It’s like, ‘Can I ask you a favour?” No, you can’t. Go fuck yourself."

"You’re not using my songs to sell his fucking film.”

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