The Libertines on Up The Bracket 20th anniversary gigs, Mick Jones and Glastonbury

17 June 2022, 17:11 | Updated: 28 June 2022, 13:17

The Libertines' Carl Barat talks Up The Bracket anniversary shows

By Jenny Mensah

Carl Barât spoke to Radio X's George Godfrey following the news of their Up The Bracket 20th anniversary shows and the Super Deluxe Edition of their album.

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The Libertines announced shows to support the 20th anniversary of their Up The Bracket album and Carl Barat has teased about what to expect from the dates.

Quizzed by Radio X's George Godfrey about the gigs, which will see them play Manchester, London's Wembley Stadium, Barat gushed: "It’s exciting man. We’ve never actually played Wembley, so there’s a bit of a homecoming vibe as well. It’s really special for the 20th anniversary. Yeah, we wouldn’t have dreamed it.”

On what to expect from the shows themselves, he teased: "I think we’re going to be looking at the full album and maybe some B-sides. We’re gonna play some of the songs that everyone knows and loves. You know, if you’re gonna come up to Wembley, you might as well end it with a bang."

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The band also plan to release a Super Deluxe Edition of the 2002 album and the rocker reminisced about how important it was having Mick Jones produce the record as he formally introduced him to The Clash's music.

“It was magical," revealed the rocker. "I can’t imagine anyone else could have done it.

"Anyone else holding together a band who were that messed up for a better word and understanding that it was all about being greater than the sum of our parts and understanding that energy and not just trying to manipulate your sound, but recording it truthfully... I think Mick was the master of that.”

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Alongside the band's Up The Bracket anniversary gigs, the band is set to appear at several festivals, even opening The Other Stage at Glastonbury 2022.

Speaking about the world famous festival, Barat said: "It’s always good to be involved in Glastonbury and I’ve always loved Glastonbury. I first went when I was one years old. I’ve been going pretty much ever since. I’ve had a lot of experiences there.”

Asked if he had any advice for people going to the festival for the first time, he revealed: “There’s only two ways to go about it. One of them is with extreme caution and the other one is with extreme abandon. It’s like... choose your own adventure, you know what I mean?"

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