Liam Gallagher says being a solo artist is "boring as f***"

25 April 2022, 12:13 | Updated: 25 April 2022, 12:17

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher has moaned about not being in a band. Picture: Greg Williams/Press

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis rocker has talked about the myth of being solo and maintained that he'd rather be in a band.

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Liam Gallagher would "much rather" be in a band.

The Everything's Electric singer has enjoyed huge success as a solo artist, but he finds the process of recording and changing songs written for him by other people "boring" and would prefer to have bandmates around him to collaborate on music.

"It's boring as f***, to be fair., he admitted to MOJO magazine: "It ain't what it's meant to be.

"I'd much rather be in a band, all bashing it out together. But as long as it sounds good, that's all that matters."

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Talking about the lyrics in his music, Liam revealed he doesn't "overthink" anything but he's happy for people to find more meaning in them.

Discussing More Power, the opening track on his upcoming C'Mon, You Know album, he said: "I don't wish I had more power. It's just a song. I don't want more power!

"I know who I am, I'm very happy with what I'm about. It was probably directed at someone else. Maybe they want more power? I don't know."

He then added: "I'm happy for other people to dig into them, get your spade out, but for me a song is a song.

"I don't overthink it. If it sounds good and I sound good when I sing it then it's all right with me. If it sounds forced, I f*** it off. "I know a lot of people want that muso s*** but I'm not interested."

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Liam has been a well-documented Beatles fan, but he revealed he's going to park listening to his favourite band as he wants to write a more punk record inspired by Iggy Pop and The Stooges for his next effort.

"I still want to make an out-and-out Stooges record," he said. "No keyboards. No Beatlemania. A proper punk record.

"That's what this one was going to be but I'm a sucker for a ballad and a nice melody...

"I need to limit myself to guitar, bass and drums. 10 songs, in your face - but good songs. Staying away from twee melodies.

"But it's totally down to me. I have no discipline once I hear a nice, flowery melody. I need a total Beatles ban. And a Stones ban.

"Next time, I'm just gonna get in the studio with a band and bash it out. Not even mix it. Just have it as it's coming off the desk."

Liam Gallagher's C'Mon You Know album is released on 27th May 2022.

See Liam Gallagher's C'Mon You Know tracklist:

  1. More Power
  2. Diamonds In The Dark
  3. Don't Go Halfway
  4. Too Good For Giving Up
  5. Was Not Meant To be
  6. C'Mon You Know
  7. Everything's Electric
  8. The World Is In Need
  9. Moscow Rules
  10. I'm Free
  11. Better Days
  12. Sweet Children

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