Blossoms 'hugged it out' with Johnny Marr after Smiths covers band fall-out

8 April 2022, 16:50

Blossoms Tom Ogden and Johnny Marr
Blossoms have revealed how they buried the hatchet with Johnny Marr . Picture: 1. Samir Hussein/WireImage 2. Press

By Jenny Mensah

The Stockport five-piece have discussed how they apologised to former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr over the misunderstanding.

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Blossoms have revealed they made up with Johnny Marr after the fall from their decision to form a Smiths covers band with Rick Astley.

Last year saw the Stockport rockers join forces with the 80s legend for a cover of The Smiths This Charming Man, which led to them joining forces as a band and sell tickets to a special night.

Marr wasn't best pleased that he'd seen the lads very recently and they'd failed to mention their plans, but now the band have revealed they've patched things up with the former Smiths guitarist.

Asked how they felt about the incident, drummer Joe Donovan told NME's Big Read: “I mean, we were expecting the opposite. It is what it is – you can understand both sides. The thing Johnny got upset with was the fact we didn’t say anything, which we fully accept and apologise for… It was meant to be a bit of fun and a laugh – especially after such a shit year. We got that, and the crowds absolutely buzzed off it.”

Luckily for the band, they were able to sort things out when they both went on to perform as special guests at Courteeners' homecoming show at Old Trafford.

"We knocked on his dressing room door and said, ‘Look… We probably should have told you, but we were just too scared,'" recalled frontman Tom Ogden.

"How do you turn around to one of your heroes and go, ‘I’m starting a covers band with Rick Astley playing your songs?’ There’s no easy way to say that. Even the most fucking confident person in the world would struggle to say that. He was like, ‘It’s water under the bridge – let’s hug it out’.”

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Marr originally reacted to the covers, writing: “This is both funny and horrible at the same time”.

He also added on their planned dates: “Well, I met The Blossoms a few weeks ago and they elected to not mention it. Nice.”

He later told NME: I didn’t ask for that, but sometimes stuff like that happens when you’re in the public eye. There was an M.O. there that just wasn’t very cool – but I’ve dealt with it. I think I’m a pretty reasonable person, and I’ve dealt with it.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Morrissey's response differed greatly from Marr's at the time.

Taking to his official website, the Panic singer shared a statement fittingly titled: "If there's something you'd like to try

"Astley, Astley, Astley".

The Panic singer wrote:"My sincere thanks to Rick and the Blossoms for their recent recentness. Anything that generates interest in that tired old Smiths warhorse is testimony to the wallop it packed. THANK YOU!”

Blossom's play Liverpool's Sefton Park Pilot

Meanwhile, Blossoms have recently announced the details of a film based around their around their Ribbon Around The Bomb album.

The Charlemangne outfit's s fourth record will be released on 29th of April and the film of the same name will be released with a special premiere event and a performance from the band in their hometown.

Tom Ogden and co will head down to their hometown for the premiere at Stockport's Plaza on 3rd May 2022, after which they will play the new album in full.

Blossoms - 'Ribbon Around The Bomb' Film Premiere & Live Show Announced

Speaking about the film, Blossoms’ Tom Ogden says: "What a joy it was making this film with Edwin Burdis. It was also great to work with my cousin Daniel Rigby, a BAFTA award winning actor, who brilliantly plays ‘The Writer’ who is trying to put on his new play ‘Ribbon Around The Bomb’. Edwin’s unique style and vision really took the film to surreal corners, using editing techniques I’ve never come across before! The outcome is a quirky, dream-like film that we absolutely love".

After the release of their new album, Blossoms will head out on a tour of live dates, which include a slot supporting The Killers and an appearance at Glastonbury Festival.

Blossoms 2022 UK tour dates

  • 30th April Band On The Wall, Manchester
  • 5th May Pryzm, Kingston-upon-Thames
  • 24th May Eco-Power Stadium, Doncaster (supporting The Killers)
  • 29th May Neighbourhood Weekender, Warrington
  • 30th May St Marys Stadium, Southampton (supporting The Killers)
  • 6th June Falkirk Stadium (supporting The Killers)
  • 9th June Carrow Road Stadium, Norwich (supporting The Killers)
  • 11th June Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester (supporting The Killers)
  • 18th June Isle of Wight Festival
  • 22nd-26th June Glastonbury Festival
  • 17th July Finsbury Park (supporting George Ezra)
  • 21st July Truck Festival
  • 29th July Y Not Festival