WATCH: Pippa's Egghead Roulette game is cracking

18 March 2020, 19:00

Pippa's FaceTiming The Chris Moyles Show every morning, and she is getting very creative with her games. You could call this one eggsellent.

Pippa is self isolating at home, but thankfully is able to join The Chris Moyles Show via FaceTime.

The producer is very much cooped up at the moment, but she's not letting all her free time indoors go to waste. Yesterday she introduced us to her Water Way To Have Fun game, and today she upped the stakes massively with Egg Roulette.

Keen on a bit of arts and crafts, Pippa drew five members of The Chris Moyles Show team on eggs with each member picking any one of their choice.

Four of the eggs were hard boiled and one of them was raw and whoever identified the raw egg would be crowned the winner.

But how would we know which egg was raw? Strangely enough, Pippa volunteered to hit each egg one against her head to find out.

And just to add some more excitement to proceedings, the second round involved a raw egg LIVE in the studio.

Watch our video above to find out what went down.

Pippa plays her latest game Egghead Roulette
Pippa plays her latest game Egghead Roulette. Picture: Radio X

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