Ricky Gervais denied dying wish to be torn apart by lions at London Zoo

8 January 2021, 13:04 | Updated: 8 January 2021, 13:19

Ricky Gervais at the Netflix 2020 Golden Globes After Party
Ricky Gervais denied dying wish to be torn apart by lions at London Zoo. Picture: Rich Fury/Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

The famous London Zoo has turned down The Office creator's request because he'd be a bit too "gristly".

Ricky Gervais' dying wish to be torn apart by lions has been turned down by London Zoo.

The writer, actor and comedian revealed the bizarre desire to CONAN on TBS, citing his reasons as wanting to give something back to nature.

"I thought it would be good to just be fed to the lions at London Zoo, he mused. "That would be useful wouldn't it, because we never give anything back. We take everything from this world".

Watch his interview on Conan here:

However, the After Life creator's plans have been stopped in their tracks, with the zoo suggesting he wouldn't provide good quality meat.

As reported by the Daily Mail, ZSL's Chief Operating Officer Kathryn England said: "I suspect Ricky may be a bit gristly for our lions.

"But we are struggling financially because of lockdown so if anyone wants to “give something back” we welcome donations that will help us keep our lions fed on a more suitable diet."

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Gervais may not be torn about by lions any time soon, but he did get a mauling by fellow comedian Frankie Boyle over his trans jokes.

The Scottish comedian is known for causing controversy in the past, but he's called out Gervais in his own recent TV special, Excited for You to See and Hate This, where he argued Gervais is not a stand-up.

Watch the routine where Boyle tackles Gervais from 3:43.

As reported by Pink News, when asked about his comments on Louis Theroux's podcast, he explained: "He sort of went into [stand-up] after The Office. So if you’re a stand-up watching him, you feel like, oh, this is someone doing a version of this thing we do.

"Really, it’s more that I saw his routine about trans people, and I thought it was very lazy."

Referring to the fact Gervais is well-known for his animal rights activism, Boyle mused: "I would like him to have the same respect for trans people that he seems to have for animals. I think that’s not a lot to ask."

He added jokingly: "Going on about loving animals? Suspect."

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