Line Of Duty Season 5: Cast, release date, plot and more revealed

31 March 2019, 18:48 | Updated: 2 April 2019, 11:07

Get the latest details on the fifth helping of the hit police drama and listen to our interview with Martin Compston above.

Last year we were given the news that Line Of Duty had been commissioned for another two series, which meant those obsessed with the police drama still had many more nail-biting moments to come.

Since then, we've been treated to a 15-second teaser trailer, another more lengthy teaser, and been given a first look at new cast members AND spoken to Martin Compston - who plays Steve Arnott in the hit series - about what we can expect.

Watch the latest teaser clip above.

Now it has been confirmed that the show will start on BBC One on Sunday 31 March 2019.

As we wait with baited breath to see just what AC-12 will have to tackle next, here's what we know about Series 5 so far...

What can we expect?

Yes, the storyline is very much in the bag with Martin Compston calling it: "IMMENSE".

See more behind the scenes snaps of of the shooting of the series here

When will it air on TV?

It has just been confirmed that the hit series will return to our screens on Sunday 31 March 2019.

Are the main stars returning?

It was looking a little ropey at one point last series but, as the new trailer shows, Compston will be definitely be back in season 5 joined by Vicky McClure, who plays Kate Fleming and Adrian Dumbar, who plays Superintendent Ted Hastings.

Oh and remember Maneet Bindra (played by Maya Sondhi) who leaked AC-12 files? Mercurio told Digital Spy: "I think that we have to address [Maneet's fate] in the future. Quite how we'll do that remains to be seen."

What will happen to them?

Martin Compston has teased that all may not be well with his character in Line of Duty season 5.

Steve Arnott spent part of the fourth season in a wheelchair after being pushed down a staircase.

However, speaking to Radio X's Gordon Smart, Compston teased that he may not be on his feet for long.

Asked if there could be a one-off episode of the Bodyguard with Line of Duty's AC12, he replied: "You never know down the line. Well, we've already got series 6 commissioned, so If I survive and make it to it, who knows?"

When Gordon Smart remarked that his character was back on his feet by the end of the last season, Compston simply responded: "I'll tell you one thing: with Jed, not everything's always as it seems."

Jed Mecurio told the BBC: "I want to look at the personal lives of all the regulars in series five."

He added: "They've taken a backseat in [series four] to Roz Huntley, so it would be good to explore that side of things a bit more. The regulars are definitely up for doing more."

If the new teaser clip is anything to go by, this series will delve into yet more corruption within AC-12.

Can we expect any new characters?

Yes. As with every series of Line Of Duty so far, the hit series always sees at least one new character emerge.

After much speculation the BBC confirmed that Stephen Graham was set to appear in the series, and gave us a first look at his character in the role of Balaclava Man.

His fellow cast mate and old friend Compston took to Instagram shortly after to gush about Graham, writing: "This series could be the most excited I’ve been yet. A great friend and a huge inspiration to me as an actor, officially @StephenGraham73 welcome to Line of Duty!!"

What will he be like?

Speaking to Radio X, Martin Compston has revealed that Balaclava Man is the show's "most dangerous adversary yet".

Elaborating on the This Is England star's villainous role in Line of Duty, Compston revealed: "I think probably the only thing I can say about it is Stevie's probably the most out and out criminal we've ever faced in it, so he's by and large on a basic violence level the most dangerous adversary we've ever had."

Watch the new trailer for Line of Duty here:

Teasing what to expect from the series on the whole, Compston shared that it would be "explosive".

"With the show naturally getting bigger and bigger and moving to BBC One, there's more set pieces and more action sequences so it's pretty explosive."

Asked if there's more guns and drama, Compston joked: "I've been trying get a gun for years, Vicky (McClure)'s been hanging off the back off lorries with a machine gun and I'm just getting chucked down stairs".

"I've got a fairly decent waistcoat budget," he joked. "Even Gareth Southgate's trying to get in on the act and copy me!"

Hear Martin Compston talk to Radio X's Gordon Smart:


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