Joe Lycett's spoof Sue Gray report 'sparks panic' as mistaken for "serious leak"

28 January 2022, 12:04 | Updated: 28 January 2022, 12:19

Joe Lycett with his spoof Sue Gray tweet inset
Joe Lycett with his spoof Sue Gray tweet inset. Picture: 1. Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty Images 2. Twitter/Joellycett

By Jenny Mensah

The comedian shared his fake report on Twitter, which included a singalong to Hear'Say's Pure & Simple.

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Joe Lycett has tickled his fans online by sharing a spoof version of the Sue Gray report.

The Government is awaiting the findings surrounding an investigation into staff parties at No.10 while covid restrictions were in place, but the comedian has managed to get in there first.

His report, which was issued on a Cabinet Office letterhead, found that there was "a culture of Covid-19 rule breaking at Number 10 Downing Street."

It then went on to add that "a senior minister insisted all cabinet ministers get onto a table and perform Pure & Simple by Hear'Say."

See his full mock summary below:

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Lycett added another tweet soon after, which he claimed came from a "verified" source who works for a cabinet minister.

The stream of messages reveal that staff members in Parliament actually took his tweets seriously and were "running around panicking from what it said".

The source revealed: "Your tweet this morning was read as an actual serious leak.

"U had MP staff literally running around and panicking from what it said.

"Panic dialling MPs like we need to discuss this right now".

The source adds: "Absolutely legendary work well done."

It's not the first time the TV presenter and funny man has poked fun a trending topic online.

Back in 2020, he led a host of his comedian friends in a spoof version of Gal Gadot's viral imagine cover, which many accused of being tone deaf.

Watch his version, which asks us to "imagine all the b******s," below:

Joe Lycett and friends cover Imagine

Earlier that year, the presenter also changed his name to Hugo Boss by deed poll in order to troll the fashion brand, who had been sending cease and desist letters to a small brewery in Swansea who had the word "BOSS" in their name.

All in a day's work for Joe Lycett.

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