Jedward, Louis Walsh & Gemma Collins: the Celeb Big Brother drama explained

13 March 2024, 13:07

Jedward, Louis Walsh on Celebrity Big Brother and Jedward and Gemma Collins in her hot tub
Jedward, Louis Walsh on Celebrity Big Brother and Jedward and Gemma Collins in her hot tub. Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty, ITV, Instagram/gemmacollins

By Jenny Mensah

Former X Factor stars Jedward called out Louis Walsh on social media after watching CBB - here's how it all unfolded.

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Louis Walsh has been causing quite a stir on Celebrity Big Brother since its launch on Monday 4th March.

The former X Factor judge has been pulling no punches on the show, making disparaging remarks about everyone from his fellow housemates Fern Britton and Zeze Mills to celebrities outside of the house such as Ronan Keating, Anna Wintour and Ellen DeGeneres.

However, it seems he messed with the wrong celebrities after he called Jedward "vile" on the recap of the show last night (12th March), which the duo just happened to be watching while staying over with their pal Gemma Collins' house about to tuck into a roast dinner.

What followed was a series of posts from the stars on Instagram, slamming Louis for his comments and also accusing him of bad behaviour and poor treatment of them.

Get the main headliners from last night's events and what Jedward allege about the former X Factor judge.

Gemma Collins hits back at Louis Walsh after CBB comments

What did Louis Walsh say about Jedward?

In a discussion with fellow housemate Colson Smith on Celebrity Big Brother, Louis Walsh dubbed X Factor stars Jedward as "vile". He also bragged that he made £5 million off the Irish twin brothers, whose real names are John and Edward Grimes.

What did Gemma Collins say?

Gemma Collins, who just happened to be hosting Jedward at her house, took to Instagram Stories to say: "Louis, don't be slagging off my boys. They're not vile. They're beautiful in every way."

Collins then panned the camera to the twins, who shared their own experiences of the former X Factor judge, where they alleged many things about the celebrity.

Watch a rundown of Gemma Collins' Instagram stories below:

Jedward hit back at Louis Walsh after CBB comments

What has Jedward said about Louis Walsh?

After seeing Louis Walsh's comments, Jedward slammed the former X Factor judge and alleged the following:

  • Jedward alleged that Louis Walsh was never their manager
  • They alleged that Louis Walsh didn't send them flowers when their mother Susanna died.
  • They said Louis "bitched" about them to their friend and former CBB housemate Tara Reid
  • Jedward said he tried to get them to sign unfair contracts, which their late mother stopped them from signing
  • They alleged that Louis Walsh pressured them into transferring £70k to staff member while in a meeting with him
  • Jedward also alleged that Louis Walsh once tried to visit them at their hotel room out of hours.
Jedward and Tara Reid at Vegan Fashion Week Presents Fashion Show & Cocktail Reception in 2022
Jedward alleged that Louis Walsh "bitched" about them to their friend Tara Reid. Picture: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Taking to X (formerly Twitter) the band then doubled down on many of what they said on Gemma Collins' Instagram stories.

They began: "Louis Walsh is a cold hearted bastard who didn’t even send us flowers when our mom died," adding: "Louis Walsh Bitched and talked about us to our best friend Tara Reid and then we fired him!"

They also alleged: "Louis Walsh is an evil manipulator who forced us into an office to pay £70k+ to from our bank account to one of his own PR workers".

"Louis Walsh tried to make us sign our name and life away in dodgy contracts to people he was great friends with without our mom we wouldn’t be here today! What an absolute weirdo with bad intentions for all ..does he like anyone?"

The Lipstick singers also alleged: "Louis Walsh came to our hotel room one night and we didn’t even know why he had come unannounced still don’t why?! He then proceeded to our tour manager’s room think that says it all".

The brothers continued: "Girls aloud hate Louis! Jedward hate Louis! Ronan Keating hates Louis! All future acts should be made aware of what this VILE man is really like."

They added: "Girls aloud hate Louis! Jedward hate Louis! Ronan Keating hates Louis! All future acts should be made aware of what this VILE man is really like."

The brothers concluded: "Louis reopened these wounds all by himself being spiteful and disrespectful we aren’t going to have our character taken. Justice will be served".

Why were Jedward at Gemma Collins' house?

Jedward were staying over at the former TOWIE and Celebrity Big Brother star's house when last night's episode aired. They were reacting to Louis Walsh's comments in real time as people were watching at home. They have been friends with the TOWIE star for a number of years; they have appeared on her podcast and were at her birthday party.

A fan captured clips of the pair partying with Gemma for her birthday and helping her nurse her blistered feet after the show:


What has Gemma Collins said since?

Gemma Collins took to Instagram after the events to share a photo of herself with the twins alongside the caption: "Shocked to see what was said about my boys @jepicpics 🩵 They are the sweetest talented polite educated kind boys I’ve ever met hence why they are always in my company !!! TEAM JEDWARD 🩵 #jedward #jepic".

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