Frankie Boyle calls Ricky Gervais' trans jokes "very lazy"

29 December 2020, 16:46 | Updated: 29 December 2020, 16:52

Frankie Boyle and Ricky Gervais
Frankie Boyle has called Ricky Gervais trans jokes "very lazy". Picture: 1. Dave J Hogan/Getty Images 2. Vera Anderson/WireImage/Getty

The controversial Scottish comedian has slammed Gervais and revealed why he doesn't think of The Office creator as a stand-up comic.

Frankie Boyle has hit out at Ricky Gervais' jokes about trans people and called them "lazy".

The Scottish comedian is known for causing controversy with his past, but he's called out The Office creator in his own recent TV special, Excited for You to See and Hate This, where he argued Gervais is not a stand-up.

As reported by Pink News, when asked about his comments on Louis Theroux's podcast, he explained: "He sort of went into [stand-up] after The Office. So if you’re a stand-up watching him, you feel like, oh, this is someone doing a version of this thing we do.

"Really, it’s more that I saw his routine about trans people, and I thought it was very lazy."

Referring to the fact Gervais is well-known for his animal rights activism, Boyle mused: "I would like him to have the same respect for trans people that he seems to have for animals. I think that’s not a lot to ask."

He added jokingly: "Going on about loving animals? Suspect."

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Watch the original stand-up where Boyle tackles Gervais here from 3:43.

Frankie Boyle on Comedy and Netflix Specials | Excited For You To See And Hate This

In the clip, Boyle mimics Gervais voice and relays how the After Life creator compares trans women saying they are women to him being able to say he's a chimpanzee.

However, he soon retorts: "It's not that much weirder than Ricky Gervais saying he's a stand-up comedian.

"I mean, look, we know Ricky Gervais, he’s a brilliant actor, he’s a brilliant writer, he’s not a f***ing stand-up comedian! Just ‘cos Ricky Gervais self-identifies as a stand-up comedian, am I supposed to say that he is one?

"It’s f***ing political correctness gone mad!"

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The Glasgow comedian began trending on Twitter, with many stopping to call him a hypocritical, after being known for his offensive jokes which targeted at Katie Price and her disabled son Harvey.

Others even brought up what they claimed to be old tweets and quotes from from the comedian.

However, trans comedian Bethany Black did defend Boyle, writing: "Frankie Boyle’s put his money where his mouth is, as a trans comedian with 19 years experience he’s employed me as a writer where many others haven’t and wouldn’t. He’s someone who’s grown as a person and been accountable for what he’s said and done even when his fanbase hated it".

They added: "He’s said some horrible things in the past and so have I, and an apology is the beginning, growth and change is shown through our actions and this strange mindset that we are who we were on our worst day is for people who see others growth as a comment on them."

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