Who is Beaux Raymond? Meet Too Hot To Handle's season 3 star

20 January 2022, 21:31 | Updated: 20 January 2022, 21:37

Too Hot To Handle Season 3: Meet Beaux

Find out everything we know about Beaux Raymond including her age, job where she's from, her Instagram handle and more.

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Too Hot to Handle returned for its third season this week, making fans of the reality-based dating show very excited.

The series, which sees over-sexed contestants attempt to hang on to a $200 prize fund by abstaining from sexual contact, only dropped on 19th January and some of the cast members such as Beaux Raymond are already standing out for all the right reasons.

So who is Beaux Raymond, what does she do and what is her Instagram handle? Find out everything we know about the lovable blonde here.

Beaux is a contestant on Too Hot To Handle season 3
Beaux stars on Too Hot To Handle season 3. Picture: Netflix

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Who is Beaux Raymond and how old is she?

Beaux is 24 year old Londoner who lives in Kent.

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What is Beaux Raymond's Instagram?

You can find Beaux on Instagram at instagram.com/_beauxraymond_ where she shares photos of her glam lifestyle on rooftops and in luxury cars.

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What is Beaux Raymond's job?

Beaux is a legal secretary, but a quick look on her Instagram suggests she has an agent, so we doubt she'll be going back to her law firm anytime soon.

How does Beaux Raymond describe herself?

Beaux describes herself as someone with "a bit of a wild side" and "no filter". She prefers a man with a bit of something to hold on to rather than a ripped, pretty boy who's obsessed with the gym.

Who is Beaux Raymond linked to on Too Hot to Handle?

Beaux is linked to Harry the tree surgeon from Middlesborough and the pair share a bed from the beginning of the show. Although Harry, like many of the guys in the villa, fancies Georgia at first, his feelings for Beaux begin to grow.

Too Hot To Handle season 3 official trailer

Who's in the cast of Too Hot To Handle 3?

  • Beaux, 24, Legal Secretary, Kent, UK
  • Georgia, 26, Student Midwife, Brisbane, Australia
  • Harry, 29, Tree Surgeon from Middlesborough, UK
  • Holly, 23, Student and Model from Colorado, USA
  • Izzy, 22, PT from Manchester, UK
  • Jaz 25, Entrepreneur and Model from Virgina, USA
  • Nathan, 24, Model from Cape town South Africa
  • Patrick, 29, Model and Actor from Hawaii, USA
  • Stevan, 26, Model from LA, US
  • Truth, 23, Student from Texas, USA

Too Hot to Handle season one, two and three are available to stream now on Netflix.

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