Anaïs Gallagher pays homage to Bridgerton with corset snap

15 January 2021, 16:06 | Updated: 15 January 2021, 16:16

Anais Gallagher pays homage to Bridgerton in corset snap
Anais Gallagher pays homage to Bridgerton in corset snap. Picture: 1. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Agent Provocateur 2. Netflix 3. Instagram/AnaisGallagher

By Jenny Mensah

The daughter of Noel Gallagher has shared her appreciation for the Netflix series while sharing a photo of herself in the period-inspired garment.

Anaïs Gallagher has revealed herself to be a Bridgerton fan.

The daughter of former Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher took to Instagram this week to tell her followers she'd just binge-watched the series, which has taken the nation by storm.

Sharing a photo of herself in a period-inspired green corset, the 20-year-old model wrote: "My choice of top should tell you that I just spent 1 whole day watching bridgerton."

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The series, which has been referred to as Pride and Prejudice meets Gossip Girl, has become one of the most talked about dramas of 2021.

Bridgerton, which comes courtesy of Shonda Rhimes and follows eight siblings as they look for love and happiness in London High Society, is reported to have been streamed by 63 million households in its first 28 days on Netflix.

Though the show, which is based on the Julia Quinn novels of Regency High Society, might not be to everyone's taste, 63 million people can't all be wrong?

Watch the trailer for the hit Netflix series here:

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While it's clear that Anaïs likes a Netflix binge as much as the next person, it's not all she's been up to during the coronavirus pandemic.

The budding photographer also took part in the Black Lives Matter protests last year and gave her take on her dad's previous comments on wearing face masks.

As reported by, asked what she thought of her dad's opinion, she responded: "I get where he’s coming from but I’m less full-on than him. I’m generally less revolutionary than my dad. I’ve never not worn a mask.

"I think my generation is quite lenient and that’s not necessarily a good thing. We do what we’re told a bit too much, we come from the era of fake news and Facebook telling us what the news is."

She: added: "We are also hugely afraid of being cancelled. It’s very dangerous to stand up and be your own person in my generation. If you are going against the grain, you can be totally cut out."

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