The best Christmas jumpers for 2020

20 November 2020, 20:55

Christmas Jumpers 2020
Christmas Jumpers 2020. Picture: EMP

Need to make a splash over Christmas dinner this year? Want to look festive - but cool? Radio X has a selection of excellent Christmas sweaters to shock your nan with.

It's that festive time of the year when people wear loud, seasonal attire to raise money for charity. But what would YOU wear if you wanted to assert your indie or rock allegiances? Radio X has a few suggestions, from classic bands to cult TV and more…

  1. Guns N'Roses Christmas jumper

    We reckon you can wear this tribute to Use Your Illusion volumes I and II all year round, to be fair.

    Buy from EMP

    Guns N'Roses Christmas jumper
    Guns N'Roses Christmas jumper. Picture:
  2. Foo Fighters Christmas jumper

    Dave Grohl and co have three separate festive offerings available this year, of which this is probably the most Christmassy.

    Buy from the Foo Fighters store

    Foo Fighters Christmas jumper
    Foo Fighters Christmas jumper. Picture: Foo Fighters official store
  3. AC/DC Christmas jumper

    Let There Be Christmas, say the veteran rockers - not many sizes left at time of writing this, but we're sure there'll be more stock soon.

    Buy from EMP

    AC/DC Christmas jumper
    AC/DC Christmas jumper. Picture: EMP
  4. Motorhead Christmas jumper

    As everyone knows, Christmas is also Lemmy's birthday.

    Buy from EMP

    Motorhead Christmas jumper
    Motorhead Christmas jumper. Picture: EMP
  5. Baby Yoda Christmas jumper

    The unexpected hero of of the year is immortalised on a Chrimbo jumper.

    Buy from Geekstore

    Baby Yoda Christmas jumper
    Baby Yoda Christmas jumper. Picture: Geekstore
  6. The Rolling Stones Christmas jumper

    Probably a bit too "beige" for us personally, but then they are getting on a bit.

    Buy from EMP

    The Rolling Stones Christmas jumper
    The Rolling Stones Christmas jumper. Picture: EMP
  7. Joy Division Christmas jumper

    Season's greeting from the Mancunian legends. Kind of pretty in its own special way.

    Buy from T-Shirt Grill

    Joy Division Christmas jumper
    Joy Division Christmas jumper. Picture: T-Shirt Grill
  8. Ghostbusters Christmas jumper

    Is Ghostbusters a Christmas movie? We genuinely can't remember.

    Buy from EMP

    Ghostbusters Christmas jumper
    Ghostbusters Christmas jumper. Picture: EMP
  9. Rick & Morty Christmas jumper

    Have a Merry Pickle Rick-mas.

    Buy from EMP

    Rick & Morty Christmas jumper
    Rick & Morty Christmas jumper. Picture: EMP
  10. Star Wars - Mandalorian Christmas jumper

    Forget Baby Yoda, if you want to get serious, you need Boba Fett with you at Christmas.

    Buy from EMP

    Star Wars - Mandalorian Christmas jumper
    Star Wars - Mandalorian Christmas jumper. Picture: EMP
  11. Chris Kamara Christmas jumper

    If you like puns - or footbal commentary - here's the perfect gift.

    Buy from Grindstore

    Chris Kamara Christmas jumper
    Chris Kamara Christmas jumper. Picture: Grindstore

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