Tom Grennan announces Evering Road album

2 October 2020, 11:47 | Updated: 2 October 2020, 12:06

The singer-songwriter took to social media to reveal his second album was named after his former home at the east London address. Get the tracklist here.

Tom Grennan has unveiled his second studio album will be Evering Road.

The singer-songwriter has confirmed the details of his second studio album and revealed it will be released on 5 March 2021.

Taking to social media, he shared a video with the caption: "It’s finally time for you lot to know the name of my next album I’m so excited and the time feels right now. EVERING ROAD is all about a past relationship, it’s my most honest lyrics and best work I’ve done so I can’t wait for it to be yours".

The Clapton address is where Grennan lived with his ex and what he calls, "the road that represents love, heartbreak and redemption".

Watch his video above.

See the artwork for Evering Road here:

Tom Grennan announces second album Evering Road
Tom Grennan announces second album Evering Road. Picture: Press

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Grennan has also shared the track Amen, a gospel-tinged number which he explained is "about being in an internal battle, whether that's with yourself, something or someone else."

He added: "In my case it was battling with my relationship and making decisions on what I actually wanted. I'm not a religious man, but we all believe and find our release in something! Be it family, friendship, freedom, football - Amen!!"

Evering Road will also feature the previously released singles, Oh Please and This Is The Place.

Tom Grennan also revealed that making the album was like therapy for him and said he hopes by sharing his experience of heartbreak he can help others.

The 25-year-old reflected: "This album has been such a therapeutic experience, it has helped me through one of the toughest times of my life. Evering Road documents a transitional stage for me, where I felt I've learnt so much and grown into a new man, moving myself into a new calm and positive space. Gospel and soul have been a huge influence on me during this album, for me it's so emotional yet uplifting, and I wanted to translate this DNA through my music. I'm just BUZZING for people to hear it, so hopefully it can be a lifeboat of sorts for at least one person."

See the full tracklist for Tom Grennan's Evering Road:

1. If Only

2. Something Better

3. Little Bit Of Love

4. Amen

5. It Hurts

6. Never Be A Right Time

7. This Is The Place

8. Sweeter Then

9. Make My Mind Up

10. Second Time

11. You Matter To Me

12. Oh Please

13. I Don't Need A Reason

14. Love Has Different Ways To Say Goodbye

Meanwhile, today marks 25 years of the seminal Oasis album, (What's The Story) Morning Glory?

Speaking to Radio X about what the album meant, Grennan said: "I'm born in 1995. And if my mum was going out, she would give me to my cousin to be looked after and the only way I would stop crying and go to sleep was if he put that album on. Which means a lot to me now I'm in the music game and I've met both Liam and Noel.

"I've actually told them that story - Liam loved that, do you know what I mean?"

He added: "As an album, it's just unbelievable. Musically, it changed England, changed Europe... and did some damage in America too. But as England goes, it definitely shifted things. It will always be a classic and it's still relevant 25 years on. They smashed it."

Speaking about the band's iconic frontman in particular, Grennan said: "I've watched clips of Knebworth on YouTube and seeing how people reacted to Liam Gallagher... there won't be another Liam Gallagher, ever."

He added: "They created a whole movement and a culture... and Liam Gallagher will always be the man."

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