When Kevin Bacon covered Radiohead's Creep for his goats

21 September 2021, 17:43

Kevin Bacon covers Radiohead's Creep with goat pals

The Hollywood actor covered the 1993 track as part of his Goat Songs sessions, which he plays for his pet goats.

Kevin Bacon covered Radiohead for his pet goats, and it went down pretty well.

Back in 2020, the Footloose legend embarked on a musical series entitled Goat Songs, where he thinks of songs his goats would like him to cover and he shares them online.

Taking to Instagram for the rendition, he wrote: "The goats were insisting, so I had to try. Here’s Creep by @radiohead #GoatSongs".

Watch him cover Thom Yorke and co's hit above.

Bacon has previously covered the likes of The Beach Boys' Don't Worry Baby and Frank Ocean's Thinking Bout You.

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Kevin Bacon and Radiohead's Thom Yorke
Kevin Bacon covers Radiohead's Creep for his goats. Picture: 1. Instagram/kevinbacon 2. Bob Berg/Getty Images

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The Hollow Man star isn't the only Hollywood icon to give the anthem the cover treatment, with Jurassic Park actor Sam Neil sharing his rendition earlier this year.

Jurassic Park star Sam Neil covers Radiohead’s Creep

Nothing But Thieves' frontman Conor Mason even gave his haunting take on the single for our special Phone Covers feature, which saw artists collaborate with Radio X during the coronairus pandemic to send in covers of some of their favourite songs.

Nothing But Thieves cover Radiohead's Creep - Radio X's Phone Covers

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