Noel Gallagher on musical direction: "It's just a phase I'm going through"

8 July 2019, 21:04 | Updated: 9 July 2019, 11:46

Noel Gallagher plays Sheffield as part of his Who Built The Moon? tour
Noel Gallagher plays Sheffield as part of his Who Built The Moon? tour. Picture: Sharon Latham, taken from the book Any Road Will Get Us There (If We Don’t Know Where We’re Going)

The former Oasis rocker has talked about his new music and admitted he'd go back to his old style if he wrote "another Morning Glory".

Noel Gallagher has described his new sound as a "phase," and talked about the possibility of writing another album like (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

The former Oasis rocker - who released his Black Star Dancing EP this year - has taken part in a new interview with Q Magazine, where he discussed his move towards more of a disco and pop sound.

Referring to his 2017 album Who Built the Moon?, he recalled: "I was away in South America when Holy Mountain came out, which to me is a straight up rock 'n' roll pop song.

"Someone called me from the office and said, 'Fucking hell, see what people are saying? They really don't like it.'

"I thought, 'Well, if you don't like that, the next five years are not gonna be very pleasing for you.' I listen to so many different kinds of music, electronic music and that, my influences now are so varied."

However, Gallagher also admitted he could change his musical direction again and go back to a simpler rock sound.

"It's just a phase I'm going through," he said in the latest issue of the magazine. "If I write another Morning Glory, I'll be going back to that style of music."

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Watch Noel Gallagher discuss his new music with Radio X:

Gallagher might be open when it comes to experimenting with new sounds, but he's still very opinionated when it comes to news artists.

Asked in an interview with Radio X's Gordon Smart what he thought about new music, he said: "Music is fucking wank at the moment."

Talking ahead of his huge homecoming gig at Heaton Park he added: "Who's this Lewis Capaldi fella? Who the fuck's that idiot?"

Lewis reacted hilariously to the news, by sharing a series of reaction videos on Instagram.

See his videos here:

The Manchester rocker didn't take it lying down though, posting a video of his son mocking the Scottish singer-songwriter and calling him a "daftie".

However, Lewis Capaldi settled the beef at Glastonbury 2019, by coming out to Noel Gallagher's Radio X interview while wearing a parka jacket, fisherman's hat and a t-shirt of the Oasis rocker.

Watch his video here:

Last week Sam Fender even weighed in on the banter, calling it "quality".

"I saw what he said about Lewis, "he told Radio X. "That was funny, and really funny what Lewis did after that... And then going out on stage and making that… That was quality. That was funny.” 

Talking about the Someone You Loved singer, who he pipped to the post to win the 2018 BRITs Critics' Choice Award, he gushed: "I love Lewis too, man. I’ve got so much time for him like. He’s proper proper funny. He sends us proper daft video messages when he’s drunk.

“I’ve got one with him in the back of a car. It was listening to [my song] Hypersonic Missiles just calling us a Critics' Choice bastard”.

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