WATCH: Liam Gallagher confirms Why Me? Why Not release date

10 June 2019, 11:43 | Updated: 13 June 2019, 16:04

The former Oasis frontman has finally shared the exact date of the release of his second solo album Why Me? Why Not.

Liam Gallagher has confirmed that we can expect his second solo album, Why Me? Why Not on 20 September 2019.

Taking to social media, the former Oasis frontman shared a video with the new artwork, writing: "Why Me? Why Not. Pre-order the album at Released September 20th".

See his video post below.

Gallagher has also released the video for his Shockwave single, an angst-ridden tribute to the protest complete with retro demonstration scenes.

Previously speaking to Radio X's Chris Moyles about the follow-up to his As You Were debut Gallagher revealed we can expect: "A couple more songs like Shockwave. There’s one called A River which is absolutely a proper beast of a tune. Don’t think it’ll get on the radio ‘cause it’s too heavy, but if someone wants to play it, play it. But that’s a tune."

He added: "It is HEA-VY. Like heavy, as in makes you wanna, it’s like a bulldozer man. Heavier than that. Then there’s one called ‘Once’ which is more of a ballad-y kind of a Pink Floyd, Bowie kind of thing which is mega."

Chris Moyles talks to Liam Gallagher on The Chris Moyles Show
Chris Moyles talks to Liam Gallagher on The Chris Moyles Show. Picture: Radio X

The Wall Of Glass singer also revealed that one song on the album was about his daughter Molly, who he shares with ex Lisa Moorish.

"...There's one for my daughter Molly called Now That I've Found You," he told Moyles. "Not that she was lost or anything, or she was captured by the Taliban or anything like that. But it’s got a ‘now that you’re in my life’ kinda vibe. It’s cool. It’s nice."

Gallagher met his daughter for the first time in 2018, and soon made up for lost time by inviting her on a family holiday in the same year.

This year saw the Paper Crown rocker help to celebrate Molly's 21st birthday by posing with her and a huge balloons which read 2 and 1.

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Last week saw Liam Gallagher play an intimate gig, where he gave his Shockwave single its live debut.

Watch him play his new single at Hackney's Round Chapel:

Last week also saw the rocker attend the world premiere of his As It was documentary, which charted his comeback and the making of his As You Were album.

Speaking to Radio X's Dan O'Connell at the event, the rocker referred to himself as a a bullshit detector.

"When I'm here, I can detect the bullshit," he told O'Connell. "When I'm not here everyone can run a-fucking-muck and feed everyone a pack of lies."

Gallagher previously revealed that he suffers from arthritis in his hips, which also causes pain in his calves.

Despite to being told by doctors to lay off the jogging, Gallagher has preferred to opt for an acupuncturist, telling Q Magazine: "This geezer is proper."Gets the needles and whacks them in. He sorts it out, but obviously it keeps coming back."

Asked if he'd ever considered complimentary therapies like yoga or pilates, Gallagher said: "No. What's next?

"Veganism? It's all downhill from yoga. It goes yoga, then veganism, then you're suddenly making crap disco records that sound like Leo Sayer".

He added: "Acupuncture is alright because at least it’s needles. I can convince myself it's still a bit rock 'n' roll."

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Watch as Liam Gallagher talks about his new album and his Shockwave single:

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