Liam Gallagher reveals his biggest regrets are "breaking up marriages"

9 May 2020, 13:30 | Updated: 9 May 2020, 13:31

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The former Oasis frontman has talked about some of the things he wish he'd done differently when it came to his marriages and his children.

Liam Gallagher has shared some of his biggest regrets in life.

The former Oasis rocker is known for being unapologetically Rock N' Roll, but has said he does feel remorse over his "personal stuff" such as marriage and his kids.

As reported by BANG Showbiz, when asked about his biggest regrets in a new interview for the latest issue of Q Magazine, Gallagher replied: "Probably personal stuff.

"Breaking up marriages, being a bit of a f*king idiot with the kids.

"Dicking people about, upsetting them. But other than that ... haha!"

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Liam Gallagher Performs In Milan in 2020
Liam Gallagher Performs In Milan in 2020. Picture: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images

The news comes after the Manchester legend shared a video of himself performing his previously unreleased solo track Eh La.

The video, which is clearly not recent, is directed by Supersonic and As It Was helmsman Charlie Lightening and sees a clean-shaven Liam perform the track in a rare moment while playing guitar.

Watch it here:

Liam Gallagher - Eh La

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The release could potentially be seen as a response to his brother Noel releasing an Oasis demo Don't Stop last week.

Explaining the reason for the release to his fans on Twitter, Noel said: "Hey there dudes and dollies.

"Like the rest of the world I've had infinite time to kill lately so I thought I'd FINALLY look and find out what was actually on the HUNDREDS of faceless unmarked cd's I've got lying in boxes at home.

"As fate would have it I have stumbled across an old demo which I thought had been lost forever."

Oasis - Don't Stop... (Demo)

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Liam didn't take too kindly to the release, suggesting it was boring without him and Bonehead in it.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday (30 April) morning he wrote: "Well there’s something missing in this god almighty stew and it’s your brother your brother don’t forget your brother La as you were LG x"

He added: "Oi tofu boy if your gonna release old demos make sure im singing on it and boneheads playing guitar on it if not it’s not worth a wank as you were LG x"

Liam may have a few regrets when it comes to his personal life, but it seems waging war with his brother still isn't one of them.

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