Noel Gallagher reveals why he used to hate playing Wonderwall with Oasis

2 May 2020, 16:00 | Updated: 24 September 2020, 10:25

Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher. Picture: Press

The former Oasis rocker has revealed why it was a pain for him to perform the band's most well-known single while it was at the height of its popularity.

Noel Gallagher has revealed he used to hate playing Wonderwall because of his choice of guitar.

The former Oasis guitarist and chief songwriter penned the iconic track, which was released on the band's 1995 album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Though it's known as one of their most-loved singles, Gallagher revealed on Matt Morgan's Funny How? podcast why he hated performing it live at the peak of its success.

We got to the end of the tour," he recalled. "I can’t remember what year the tour was, but I remember the last gig being in Venezuela or Uruguay. I remember playing Wonderwall and thinking, ‘I’ll never play this f**king song again.' We could never get it right, do you know what I mean?”

He added: “When you see me now, I play acoustic guitar on all the songs which should have acoustic guitar right? And it f**king sounds great.

“The whole cycle of Wonderwall - and it was the biggest song EVER - it never dawned on me to play it on acoustic guitar. I used to play it on electric guitar and I f**king hated it. It was always too fast, and it was never […] It was f**king awful”.

Thinking about what finally made it dawn on him to stop trying to play the song on an electric, he added: “It wasn’t until we stopped taking drugs that we thought ‘acoustic might work better on that'".

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Matt Morgan's Funny How? podcast
Matt Morgan's Funny How? podcast. Picture: Radio X

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Listen to the episode in full here:

It's not the only reminiscing Noel's been doing lately.

This week the Manchester rocker he revealed he'd been looking through old unmarked CDs when he came across an Oasis demo entitled Don't Stop...

He explained on Twitter: "Hey there dudes and dollies.

"Like the rest of the world I've had infinite time to kill lately so I thought I'd FINALLY look and find out what was actually on the HUNDREDS of faceless unmarked cd's I've got lying in boxes at home.

"As fate would have it I have stumbled across an old demo which I thought had been lost forever."

Listen to it here:

Oasis - Don't Stop... (Demo)

The This Is The Place rocker added: "I know some of you love this tune so we thought we'd put it 'out there' for you to enjoy/argue over."It'll be up on the internet from midnight. The song is called: 'Don't Stop...'

"Hope everyone is staying safe and trying to ride out the lockdown with the minimum of fuss.

"You're welcome by the way."

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His brother Liam didn't take kindly to the news, however, suggesting it's not worth it unless it has him singing or former guitarist Bonehead on it.

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