Liam Gallagher recorded the vocals to his Christmas song in his boxers

28 November 2020, 10:00

Radio X presents Liam Gallagher at the O₂ Ritz, Manchester
Radio X presents Liam Gallagher at the O₂ Ritz, Manchester. Picture: Radio X/Jon Mo Photography

The former Oasis rocker revealed to Radio X's Johnny Vaughan how he used the vocals to All You're Dreaming Of from his home despite recording at Abbey Road.

Liam Gallagher recorded new single All You're Dreaming Of while in his pants.

The former Oasis frontman spoke to Radio X's Johnny Vaughan about his new single and life in lockdown 2.0 and revealed how he first laid down the vocals to the track at home in very relaxed attire.

“Me and Simon Aldridge put that one together,' he said of the track. "At the beginning of lockdown he sent me some ideas for it and I sent him some bits back. I had a little studio put in my house”

Asked if it was comfortable, Gallagher replied: "Mate I did it in my boxer shorts!"

Not only that, but the Manchester rocker revealed despite heading down to the iconic Abbey Road Studios to record his vocals again professionally with an orchestra, he didn't sound as good.

“So we go into Abbey in the lockdown," he explained. "Loads of people with masks on to do the brass and do the f***ng horns and all that. I do the vocals in Abbey Road and they were nowhere near as good as the ones I did in the house in my boxer shorts".

"SO I've binned the Abbey Road vocals and used these ones."

Listen to the song here:

All You're Dreaming Of

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All You're Dreaming Of - which is available to stream now - will be released on vinyl on 18 December with proceeds of the song donated to Action For Children UK.

Gallagher said of the move: "I've got far too much," joking: "I just looked over the wall at my gold Damien Hirst collection and my Andy Warhol collection and thought: "F*** it I've got enough!"

Net proceeds from each download and stream will also go to the leading charity from the day of release until 31st December 2020.

With 476 services in communities across the UK, Action for Children provides practical and emotional support to children and young people, as well as ensuring their voices are heard, and campaigning for every child to have a safe and happy childhood. This year’s coronavirus crisis has made life harder than ever for vulnerable children and families, and the charity’s frontline staff have been working tirelessly to support them.

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Meanwhile, this month saw Liam Gallagher announce his Down By The River Thames live stream gig, which will take place on 5 December.

Gallagher's epic performance will see him sail past some of London's most famous landmarks with MelodyVR's groundbreaking technology putting fans at the heart of the action.

The Wall of Glass singer said of the event: "To all my brothers and sisters around the world. I'm performing a one-off celestial live performance for you to stream, 'Down By The River Thames', on 5th December 2020. I'll be performing tracks from my two number 1 solo albums as well as some stone cold Oasis classics, some of which you haven't heard me sing for a long, long time. C'mon you know. LG x”.

See the stream dates and times for each region below:

Stream 1 – Saturday 5 December 8pm GMT for UK, Ireland and Europe.

Stream 2 - Saturday 5 December 8pm ET for East Coast North America and South America.

Stream 3 - Saturday 5 December 8pm PT for West Coast North America and Central America.

Stream 4 - Sunday 6 December 8pm AEST for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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