Liam Gallagher reacts to Man City's Champions League shock defeat

5 May 2022, 15:06 | Updated: 5 May 2022, 15:33

Liam Gallagher reacts to Real Madrid vs Man City match
Liam Gallagher reacts to Real Madrid vs Man City match. Picture: 1. Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage/Getty 2. Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis frontman has taken to Twitter and given his philosophical approach to the football results, which saw Real Madrid score three goals in the last two minutes of the Semi Final.

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Liam Gallagher has shared his thoughts on Man City's shocking result after the Champions League Semi Finals last night (4th May).

The team were due to sail into the the final of the UEFA tournament, with a 1-0 lead against Real Madrid which they managed to hold until the 90th minute of the match. However, in a dramatic twist of events, the Spanish team managed to score three goals in the last two minutes of the match, causing great upset among their fans.

Lifelong Man City fan Liam was among those stunned while watching the events unfold and has now shared his thoughts following the game.

Taking to Twitter this morning, the former Oasis rocker shared the Fleetwood Mac song "Oh Well," and a few hours later wrote: "It’s only a game of football it’s not the end of the world it’s corrupt that competition anyway run by Bumbaclarts CTID LG x".

When a fan agreed with him and said he had other things to look forward to, the Everything's Electric singer replied: "Exactly if you can’t do anything about something which I can’t you just gotta let it go".

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Liam may not have got the result he wanted, but as his fan pointed out, he's got some pretty big things to look forward to this year.

His two Knebworth gigs, which will take place from the 3rd-4th June on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend, will see him return to the site of the era-defining gigs Oasis played in 1996.

Talking about the dates and how they will compare to the shows played by the Manchester band, he told Radio X's Chris Moyles: "I am excited, I mean I've done it before and it was mega. The beautiful thing about it is, I couldn't remember much about the first time.

"So I get the chance to do it again. Obviously I'm older and a little bit wiser. I'm gonna milk it, really take it in. I'm buzzin', man."

Making reference to his brother Noel's famous statement during the original gigs, he added: "It's gonna be 'This is history' - Part Two, mate!"

"The young folk want it," he added. "They're always telling me, when are you gonna do this Knebworth thing? I think the time is now or never."

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Someone who won't be joining him at the gig, however, is his former Oasis bandmate and sometime current live bandmate Bonehead, who sadly revealed his cancer diagnosis last month.

Taking to Twitter, the guitarist wrote: Just to let you all know I'm going to be taking a break from playing for a while. I've been diagnosed with tonsil cancer, but the good news is it's treatable and I'll be starting a course of treatment soon. I'll keep you posted how it's going".

He added: "I'm gutted I'm missing the gigs with Liam and the band. Have the best summer and enjoy the gigs if you're going, I'll see you soon xxx".

The day after his announcement, the guitarist returned to Twitter to thank fans for their responses, writing: "Thank you so much for all your messages of love and support, it’s a massive help. I can’t reply to you all but I’ve read every one, and it means so much. My turn to throw the love back at you now. Thank you and I’ll see you when I finish my treatment".

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