Liam Gallagher goes on booze ban until 50th Birthday

16 September 2022, 12:07 | Updated: 16 September 2022, 12:14

Liam Gallagher Performs In Auckland
Liam Gallagher is laying off alcohol until his birthday. Picture: Dave Simpson/WireImage/Getty

The former Oasis frontman has revealed he's laying off alcohol until his birthday on Wednesday 21st September.

Liam Gallagher is on a self-imposed drinking ban until his birthday next week.

The Oasis legend turns 50 on Wednesday 21st of September and has revealed that he's laying off the "juice" until then.

Asked by a fan if he would get as "sloshed" for his Cardiff gig, he replied: "I m not drinking till my bday I’ve had enough of the truth juice".

And it looks like Liam might have to rest up before the big day, because it could get messy.

Speaking previously to Radio X's Johnny Vaughan about his birthday plans, the Supersonic rocker revealed: "I’m out of the country, man. I’m going to the Caribbean, about 20 of us. Mustique."

He went on: "I’m gonna go there because there's no d*cks with phones. There’s none of that. So what happens on Mustique stays on Mustique. We're gonna have that for a week."

However, Liam admits that his hard partying days may be behind him."Mind you, I say that and I’ll go in on the first night and be in bed crying for the next couple of days.

"But there you go, I'll give it a good go."

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Alcohol isn't the only thing the Manchester rocker has abstained from lately, as he recently went on a mini "Twitter detox" to pay his respects to the Queen.

The Wall Of Glass singer is known for sharing his thoughts on the platform, but he was uncharacteristically quiet for six days after the news of the monarch's passing.

Six days after his Twitter silence, he was asked by a fan if he'd been on a bit of a "Twitter detox" and he responded: "Just paying my respects to da queen in it now im back ready to RnR".

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Gallagher played his Cardiff gig this Thursday 15th September couldn't help but make reference to King Charles' appearance in the country.

According to multiple sources, and The Charlatans' frontman Tim Burgess, Gallagher joked that Cardiff got to see "two f***ing kings in two days".

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