Liam Gallagher says “Oasis have unfinished business”

8 June 2020, 13:46 | Updated: 8 June 2020, 14:09

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The former frontman of the Manchester band has got fans talking about the chances of a reunion on Twitter again.

Liam Gallagher has got his fans talking about an Oasis reunion once again.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday (7 June), the former frontman of the Manchester band wrote: "That’s why oasis have unfinished business the verve equalised and want a straightener".

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It's not immediately clear what Liam was referring to when praising The Verve, but he sure got his followers talking about his own band reuniting once again.

One fan even asked for a surprise reunion set at Glastonbury 2021:

However, some fans were not as convinced, with one calling Liam "mega" on their own and another saying: "Some things are best left alone".

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Liam Gallagher also teased new music, telling his fans: "We have music your not gonna get to hear it just yet but we have it all the same LG x".

Last month saw the Wall Of Glass singer reach out to his former bandmate and estranged brother Noel on his 53rd Birthday.

Taking to Twitter on (29 May 2020) he wrote: "Happy birthday Rkid have a good 1 love you long time LG x".

It wasn't the first time Liam showed his softer side that week. He also reached out to his sometime rival Robbie Williams to send his support over family issues.

He wrote on Twitter: "Oi Robbie balboa it’s LG I hear you got shit going down in your fam I’m sorry to hear that love n light going out to your family stay cool and in tune LG x".

And it looks like Robbie Williams appreciated the kind words, responding: "Brother.that means a lot to me ..Carry on being celestial .the world needs you .Your fan rob"

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