Liam Gallagher defends singing Oasis songs at his solo gigs: "Oasis till I die"

22 November 2022, 17:16

Liam Gallagher Performs At The Festival O Son Do Camiño In Santiago De Compostela
Liam Gallagher Performs At The Festival O Son Do Camiño In Santiago De Compostela. Picture: Alvaro Ballesteros/Europa Press via Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis frontman has labelled anyone who has a problem with him celebrating the band's back catalogue not "real" fans.

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Liam Gallagher has slammed those who think he shouldn't be singing Oasis songs at his live shows.

Though the Britpop legend has forged a successful solo career since releasing his debut album As You Were in 2017, he's continued to treat fans to a healthy dose of Oasis songs throughout his sets.

Taking to Twitter, the Manchester rocker declared: "Anyone who got a problem with me singing oasis tunes ain’t real oasis fans there just massive C***Z".

The Supersonic singer then hammered the point home adding: "Oasis till I die"

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Clearly the Wall Of Glass singer has been doing something right, since he's been delighting fans with his nostalgic setlists throughout the year, even playing two landmark gigs at Knebworth Park this summer.

The Rock 'N' Roll Star has also just visited South America, playing dates across the likes of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

However, he's still found time to comment on the return of his former Britpop rivals Blur.

When a fan reached out the rocker on Twitter and announced she'd scored a ticket for their London show in the presales, Gallagher ribbed: "How much they cost a grand".

Despite that, it looks like Blur aren't holding any grudges, with Alex James revealing he'd be "delighted" to hear Liam Gallagher could be his neighbour.

Asked what he thinks about the reports Liam could be buying a Country House nearby, he told Radio X's Johnny Vaughan: “I was delighted to hear that.”

Quizzed what advice he’d give the Manchester rocker if he wanted to go into farming, he said: “I hope he does take the plunge, but farms are the nearest thing there is to a natural habitat for the rock gentleman.

"I don’t think anyone ever bought a farm and said, ‘Oh no’.”

Speaking of his own country lifestyle, the Parklife rocker joked: “It’s just a walking, living, breathing cliché I’m afraid.

"There’s no escape.”

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