DMA’S weigh in on Oasis reunion, praise Liam Gallagher’s Knebworth gigs

31 March 2023, 11:46 | Updated: 31 March 2023, 11:51

DMA'S talk new album How Many Dreams?

By Jenny Mensah

The Aussie trio have shared their take on the Gallagher brothers' relationship and praised Liam Gallagher's epic solo gigs.

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DMA'S think Oasis should "play some gigs" together.

The Aussie trio were often compared to the Manchester band and even dubbed "adopted Mancs" by Courteeners' Liam Fray, so when they stopped in to Radio HQ for a chat with Radio X's Dan O'Connell, they were naturally asked about the discourse surrounding the Britpop band.

Asked for their thoughts on the topic, frontman Tommy O'Dell said: "Well I have no idea what they're gonna do, but they should definitely play some gigs for sure," but who knows? Who knows if they'll do it?

Guitarist and Johnny Took added: "Yeah man, I tell you what. I went to Knebworth and Liam killed it. It was amazing. And I know it's not exactly [the same] like it's not Noel up there as well, but kudos to him. He put on an amazing show."

"Oh man, it was just unreal," he went on. "I've never seen anything like it and I thought that was super cool."

Watch their interview with Dan O'Connell above.

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DMA'S have talked about discussed the possibility of an Oasis reunion
DMA'S have talked about discussed the possibility of an Oasis reunion. Picture: 1. Press 2. 3.

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The band have decent history with at least one of the Gallagher brothers, with Liam giving them the sign of approval.

Back in 2021, lead guitarist Matt Mason told the Daily Star: "Liam is a fan so it's good to have his seal of approval.

"If people say you're ripping off this band then they turn around and tell you that 'you suck' that's probably heartbreaking, but to get these Oasis comparisons and for him to like us is great.

"It makes you feel less of a d*** when the Godfathers approve."

If that wasn't enough kudos, the band also spent some time with Liam and his son Gene in the pub.

Took recalled to Radio X back ion 2019: "Ah it was awesome. Especially because you could meet someone you look up to like that and there's a good chance they could be a tosspot, but he was cool as.

"And you know, he just loves music and we went to the pub with his son Gene. We watched the Manchester Derby and we talked about music. It was just a great experience".

The Aussie band have just released their fourth studio album How Many Dreams? today (Friday 31st March) and explained why they consider it a "modern rock record".

"Even though we have incorporated more dancey elements into this record, I would still call it a modern rock record," said guitarist and songwriter Johnny Took. "And that's one of the differences of a modern rock record today. It's got those kind of modern techniques they used to make it."

Asked if they discovered dance later in life, Took replied: "That was late for me. The first time I really understood dance music is when were were playing Lowlands (Festival) and we got to stick around and there was like 40,000 Dutch people who were listening to Underworld.

"I just remember going, 'Oh my god' and it just clicked at that point."

Frontman O'Dell added: "I've been into dance music for a long time because I played drums and that was my first instrument, so I listened to a lot of electronic stuff.

"I remembered when I first started getting into music festivals it was always dance festivals and I guess that's how the DMA'S work. It's all our influences mixed together. I guess that's what's created our sound."

Stream How Many Dreams in full now:

Listen to DMA'S track by track album playback with John Kennedy, which you can hear tonight on Friday 30th March from 10pm.

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