Blossoms: Charlie's dad has been ranking all their new songs!

14 October 2023, 09:00

Charlie's dad has been ranking the new Blossoms tunes

The Stockport band are back with new material - and luckily the lads have had some very good feedback.

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Stockport legends Blossoms are back with a new single, To Do List (After The Breakup), which features singer-songwriter Findlay.

The track is the first new material to come from the five-piece since the release of their third chart-topping album, Ribbon Around The Bomb, which was released in April 2022.

To Do List heralds the next phase of the band, who are currently working on the follow-up, as the group explained to Radio X's Dan O'Connell on the Evening Show this week.

In fact, bassist Charlie Salt has revealed his dad has been very helpful in rating Blossoms' new material - in a very particular manner.

Charlie explained: "We've got this list of demos on a link and we've sent it round to close friends and family, one being my dad.

"My dad's made a chart - it's really precise. He's ticked the strong points of each tune and what would make the album..."

Blossoms - To Do List (After The Breakup) [feat. Findlay] ft. Findlay

Frontman Tom Ogden added: "The list is like: 'Single-Worthy', 'Catchiness', 'Originality'... 'Radio-Friendly'. All these things marked out of 10 and then he adds them all up and at the end each song has a score!"

Drummer Joe Donovan chipped in: "Have I got any notes on there?"

Charlie solemnly replied: "He put at the bottom: 'The drums could do with some work'."

To Do List (After The Break-Up) is available now via

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