Matt Helders reveals when Arctic Monkeys' new album will be released

12 November 2021, 14:30 | Updated: 16 November 2021, 10:05

Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders in 2018
Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders has revealed when their album will be released. Picture: Christian Bertrand / Alamy Stock Photo

By Jenny Mensah

The Arctic Monkeys drummer has revealed when we can expect their seventh studio album and the follow-up to Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino.

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Matt Helders has revealed we can expect Arctic Monkeys' new album to be released in 2022.

Fans of the Sheffield band have been eagerly been awaiting the follow-up to 2018's Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino, with

Now, asked if album number seven was ready to go, the Arabella drummer told the BBC: "Yeah, pretty much, yeah. It was a bit disjointed how we had to do it, and there are bits to finish off, but yeah, it’s all in the works.”

He added: "I think by the time we get everything together it’ll be next year. Hopefully we can get out and tour next summer."

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The drummer also shared a bit of what can be expected from the sound of their new album, teasing that it's "hard to describe," but you can tell it's them.

“We tend to always move it on a little bit,” he said. "For us, because we’re so involved in it, it always makes sense. They always kind of pick up where the other one left off in a way.

"It makes sense when you think about it in the context of the last record. But we always do try and do something a bit different – it’s kind of hard to describe. You can tell it’s the same band."

Arctic Monkeys play Cornerstone at The O2, London

When Helders isn't talking about his band, he's busy recommending new ones. Just last month the 505 rocker was praised by The Lathums for saying their name right first time.

When asked by Shapel Lacey about the music he’s currently listening to, Helders name-dropped the Wigan band, explaining: "They just went to number one in England with their first record.”

When asked to repeat the band’s name, Matt explains: “‘The lav-ums’. I’ve never heard them say it so I don’t know how you pronounce it, but that’s how I would say it. I’m trying to think. They’re from a similar place to me, so I’m confident that I’m saying it right."

The I'll Get By rockers shared a clip of Helders' chat with the caption: "The only person to ever pronounce our name right the 1st time round. Matt Helders you hero."

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