Arcade Fire's Lookout Kid inspired by "unconditional love"

6 May 2022, 13:22

Arcade Fire reveal inspiration for Lookout Kid

By Jenny Mensah

Win Butler and Régine Chassagne from Arcade Fire spoke to Radio X's George Godfrey about the latest single to be taken from their WE album.

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Arcade Fire have returned with their sixth studio album WE, which marks their first new release for five years.

The latest cut to come from the album is Lookout Kid, which Win Butler revealed is inspired by the "unconditional love" he has for his son, who he shares with wife and bandmate Régine Chassagne.

Speaking to Radio X's George Godfrey, he revealed: "We have a nine year old who's a really amazing dude who we spent a lot of time with and I was sort of thinking about the world that he's going to face."

The frontman added: "When I was a teenager high school was just a gauntlet and I was thinking about just how complicated it's gotten socially. You really need thick skin and to be able to take a hit and know that you're loved and know that love isn't based on test scores or how good you are at something... That there's something that's deeper.

"And you know, Unconditional love is something that's difficult to tackle, which is why we took a side of a record to try and tackle it."

Watch the official video for Unconditional I (Lookout Kid) below:

Arcade Fire - Unconditional I (Lookout Kid) Music Video

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The band, who re-opened the newly refurbished KOKO London last Friday (29th April) recently raised $100k for Ukraine with their surprise shows in the United States.

The Everything Now singer said: "We hadn't played in a while and we were discussing what to do with the shows and there's always a big charitable component built into all of our shows, but we decided to have the shows be 'Pay what you want'.

"And the first show was in New Orleans and the first person who showed up the night before donated $5000. So it's like, you give people the opportunity to be generous and they usually will".

Talking about their plans to play as close to the country as possible, he added: "We're trying to get as physically close to Ukraine as we possibly can, so I think we might be able to play in Poland at the end of the tour.

"It's really important for us to get as close as we can."

Watch Arcade Fire discuss Ukraine here:

Arcade Fire discuss raising funds for Ukraine

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