VDEO: Dom's FaceTime skills are atrocious

1 February 2019, 16:28

Dom failed to make it into the studio at the end of the week due to the snowy weather, so he decided to make a dodgy video call instead.

This week saw Dom give himself a snow day after adverse weather conditions made it impossible for him to get to The Chris Moyles Show.

Wanting to be there in spirit with Chris and the team at Radio X HQ, the newsreader decided to tool up and FaceTime us from home.

Unfortunately, what none of us realised until now is that Dom's FaceTiming skills are probably worse than your grandparents.

Watch our video above where he struggles with the simple task of holding his phone to his face!

Dom might not have a clue how to FaceTime, but he does know how to cover some of the most moving songs.

Watch him play Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah below:

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