Stephen Graham's wife Hannah Walters "told him off" when he suggested her for Time role

13 June 2021, 18:00

Stephen Graham and Hannah Walters speak to Chris Moyles

Radio X

By Radio X

The actors appeared on The Chris Moyles Show this week to talk about the new BBC One drama Time.

Stephen Graham's wife Hannah Walters was not impressed when he first suggested she should star in Time.

The BBC series sees the real-life husband and wife star alongside each other as Eric and Sonia McNally, who are pulled into a world of criminality due to the incarceration of their son.

Though both are actors, the Line of Duty alumn explained that his wife was "reluctant at first" when he told her to audition for the role.

"I really told him off," she recalled. "I really told him off. [I said] 'What are you doing? Why are you putting my name in there? You shouldn't have done that."

Graham added: "And then she put herself on tape and obviously out of all the actresses that had put themselves on tape, he picked her because she was the best for the role".

"Cause fortunately we had quite good chemistry," joked Walters. "It would have been shocking if we didn't!"

Time continues on Sunday on BBC One at 9pm

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Watch the second part of the interview here:

Stephen Graham and Hannah Walters talk to Chris Moyles part 2.

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