Jason Bateman teases a sort of "happy ending" for Ozark finale

26 April 2022, 13:00 | Updated: 26 April 2022, 13:46

Jason Bateman dishes on the finale of Ozark

By Jenny Mensah

The actor, who stars as Marty Byrde in the hit series, has revealed the thinking that went into the show's dramatic finale.

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Ozark is one of the most-loved series on Netflix right now and with good reason.

The fourth and final series of the drug cartel and money laundering based drama - starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney - was released in two parts, giving fans a chance to savour the show as it reaches its climax.

As we prepare for the release of season 4 part 2, Bateman has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and teased what fans can expect from its finale.

Asked if there is any world where there's a happy ending to the show, he replied: "With the final season, the whole thing was like, ‘Well, how are we gonna end it?’ Should the Byrde family pay a bill, you know? Like, should they get away with it? Should they not?”

Jason Bateman teases Ozark finale
Jason Bateman has teased what to expect from the Ozark finale. Picture: 1. Netflix 2. odd Owyoung/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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Recalling a conversation he had with Chris Mundy, he revealed the showrunner said: "'Well I want it to be a happy ending, but there's got to be a little bit of 'Is it happy for them?'

"So hopefully, the audience will think, ‘Ah, they’ve kind of threaded the needle between a happy ending, but there's a little bit of... they’re limping’.”

Watch their full interview below:

Jason Bateman Talks Ozark's Finale, Spoilers & the Show's Cryptic Symbols (Extended) | Tonight Show

Asked if there were any tears when shooting the finale, he revealed: "There were some tears. Actually, the last scene we shot [...] there was some melancholy, but yeah it was bittersweet, because we were just happy we just made it to the finish line without screwing things up too much I hope."

He added: "There's a bunch of incredible people in that crew and incredible writing... We were very, very lucky."

Watch the latest trailer for Ozark season 4 Part 2:

Watch the trailer for Ozark: Season 4 Part 2

Ozark seasons 1-4 Part 1 are available to watch now on Netflix.

Ozark season 4 part 2 is set for release on 29th April 2022.


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