Love Island's Iain Stirling predicts Scotland will win against England

18 June 2021, 16:34 | Updated: 18 June 2021, 16:43

Chris Moyles & Iain Stirling talk England vs Scotland at Euros 2020

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By Radio X

The comedian and Love Island narrator has talked to Chris Moyles about the "once in a lifetime" hopes he has for Scotland defeating England at Wembley.

Scotland are set to play a historic football match against England at Wembley Stadium tonight (Friday 18 June), which sees them continue to compete in an international competition for the first time in 23 years at the Euros.

Talking about his nation's excitement for the game, Love Island's Iain Sterling told Chris Moyles: "Everyone is very very excited. This is a possibly once in a lifetime situation where Scotland will defeat England at Wembley".

Asked what the result will be, he replied: "2-1 Scotland!"

The comedian, who recently welcomed a child with Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore, is also headed down to Wembley himself for the match and explained the significance of the game to his fellow Scots.

Chris Moyles and Iain Stirling discuss England vs Scotland
Chris Moyles and Iain Stirling discuss England vs Scotland. Picture: Radio X

"I just keep thinking about what would happen if we won it," he told Moyles. "It would be class if it was an absolute thriller."

He added: "It genuinely means the world to so many people. It's like 20 odd years. We've waited ages, so it's time. It's time. Just to make it to the knockouts would be would be lovely. First ever in history..."

Watch the life-long Hibs fan talk to Chris Moyles about the match and what it means to Scottish supporters in our video.

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