Jon Richardson helps mother-in-law Gill plan her retirement in one-off comedy show

6 October 2022, 18:50

Jon Richardson helps mother-in-law Gill find a retirement plan in new comedy show
Jon Richardson helps mother-in-law Gill find a retirement plan in new comedy show. Picture: 1. Channel 4 2. Ollie Millington/Redferns/Getty

The comedian and TV star spoke to The Chris Moyles Show about his latest TV show Jon Richardson: Take My Mother-In-Law.

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Jon Richardson has a new one-off comedy show, which sees him search for retirement options for his mother-in-law.

Despite the show's subject matter, the comedian told The Chris Moyles Show, why he has a lot of time for Gill... despite wanting to get rid of her.

"Gill is an absolute... It should be her talking to you really, she is the star of this show. I would hope in the future it will be Gill doing these interviews about what a weird bloke I am.

"She's an absolute force. She's just remarkable. And she's something that isn't on telly enough. She's a strong, confident, working class woman who is in control of her destiny and what she does".

Jon Richardson on The Chris Moyles Show
Jon Richardson on The Chris Moyles Show. Picture: Radio X

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The Meet The Richardsons star added: "She's planning the next steps [of her life] and she's part of a generation where they were told you got all the pensions and the final salaries and there's a lot of them that didn't, so Gill needs some options and she sees me as that option."

He joked: "I also have a plan for what my next 10 or 20 years looks like... and she's not in it! As I say in the show, I want Gill to be happy, but I also want me to be happy, so let's find a world in which both those things can be true."

"It's absolute carnage, but it's all just chaos and fun," he added of the show. "It's supposed to make you laugh for an hour and that's it".

Jon Richardson: Take My Mother-In-Law airs on Thursday 6th October at 10pm on Channel 4.

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