Who is Chase DeMoor? Meet the Too Hot To Handle contestant and footballer

1 July 2021, 09:45

Meet the Too Hot to Handle season 2 cast

Netflix's popular reality dating show (with a twist) is back, baby - and already we've got some rule-breakers!

After the success of last year's series, Too Hot to Handle has officially returned to our screens.

Similarly to season one, the 2021 edition sees a group of ten attractive, horny singletons shack up in a luxury resort (this time in Turks and Caicos), tasked with finding true love.

To deter them from acting on their impulses, Lana - the show's robotic host - will deduct money from the $100,000 prize fund if the contestants so much as share a steamy smooch.

Joining this year's line-up is Chase DeMoor - here's everything you need to know...

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Here's the lowdown on THTH's Chase DeMoor
Here's the lowdown on THTH's Chase DeMoor. Picture: Instagram

Who is Chase DeMoor and how old is he?

Chase is a 24-year-old professional athlete from Seattle, Washington, who plays American football.

In his intro tape, Chase describes himself as "100% the alfa male" and says that having just come out of a five-year relationship, his sex drive has "sky rocketed through the roof". Sadly for him, the whole point of THTH is to avoid sexual encounters!

He also prides himself on being a ladies' man, but says he doesn't run after them: "I catch footballs, not feelings".

According to Chase, it isn't just wooing the opposite sex that comes easily to him; he has enjoyed overnight success on his TikTok account, where he posts videos of him dancing and doing football moves.

Who does Chase play football for?

The Washington-based pro has played as defensive end for the likes of the Arizona Rattlers and the Houston Linemen.

Is he on Instagram?

Yep! You can follow him @chasedemoor.

As mentioned above, he also has an impressive follower count on TikTok - you can follow him here.

Who does Chase have his sights set on in THTH?

While the remaining episodes have yet to land on Netflix (they will be dropping on June 30), Chase has already caused quite a stir in the villa!

That said, he definitely had a soft spot for Toronto-based model, Carly Lawrence.

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix now


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